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IY: Episode One Is Here! @JUPodcast

The Joined Up Writing Podcast Is On! Woo! So exciting and a complete novelty, here is the Joined Up Writing Podcast: Episode one! Join Da Shared Brain and Wayne Kelly as they discuss the first topic: critique groups. You may know that … Continue reading

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What Is A Critique Group?

Notice how my posts tend to be titled with questions recently? That’s because things keep happening to and around me that make me question everything. It’s not a bad thing, I hasten to add. My part of this blog is … Continue reading

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A New Method

A few weeks ago, I bought On Writing by Mr Stephen King. Stephen is not an author I put much stock in before now; I have read a couple of his books, but I’ve not been blow away as I … Continue reading

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The Book Fairy’s Bigger, Badder Cousin!

Oh. My. God! I knew it had to exist. I just knew, but I hadn’t managed to turn up anything during my (halfhearted) internet searches. Last Saturday I took three books along with me to the Phoenix Writers, intending to … Continue reading

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Just Do It

The new moto of the Phoenix Writers Subs Club. If I haven’t mentioned this before (I really can’t remember) then the Subs Club is an additional part to the weekly Phoenix Writers, though it happens only on the second Saturday … Continue reading

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