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RS: The ‘D/s’ In #BDSM – Part Five, *sigh* Fifty Shades of Grey

I suppose it would be kind to leave a warning here before you start. Many, if not all, of the links in this series of posts are totally NSFW. If you want to have a look, do, by all means, but … Continue reading

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RS: Tropes In Erotica – The Yearning Best Friend

Yep. The poor dude(tte) who just can’t get none, no matter how hard they try. They want to be a part of the action in the protagonists’s life, but they’re usually one of the following: Too good a friend to … Continue reading

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RS Bonus Blog: #AskELJames Is NOT License To Be A Dick

Yes, it’s a bold post title, but at least I have your attention now. 😉 Ready to see what this post is actually about? There is a TL:DR version below, feel free to skip on to that if you want. … Continue reading

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RS: Be Green – Recycle!

I look back at that title and wonder if I’m being callous and mean. I hope not. I don’t mean to be, I’m trying to be funny, honest! For those of you who didn’t spot it on my Facebook here … Continue reading

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Following The Leader

I watched a documentary on Sunday (thanks for spotting it Dave!) called How To Write A Mills And Boon. I was interested because it’s something that my mother has always insisted I try. The very fact that she says it … Continue reading

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