To Be A Teenage Vampire-1

So… when I began, at 15 years old, as a teenager, I wanted my story to be about another teenager. It was important to me that Ileandra Young be a girl I liked, that I wanted to be like. In fact, she started looking a lot like me. She sounded like me too. Ha! Anyway, this is the very first draft of the story that is now known as Silk Over Razor Blades.

I haven’t edited it. I haven’t proof read it, I’ve just taken a clip from the .doc file that hasn’t been updated since 22/08/2001. So this is exactly as it was back then. And though I cringe to look at it now, I guess its good, productive and encouraging to see how much my story-telling ability and writing style have grown.

It was a full moon that night; I remember it like it was yesterday, the moon anyway since Nick thought the werewolves and vampires – a study hobby of his – would be out. Nick Harrison was my date; he was my boyfriend of two months, (he was also two years older then me. A little fact that I failed to enlighten my family with), and he looked gorgeous in a light pair of khaki trousers and blue shirt.

The shirt opened at the neck revealing the chain he always wore. He never took it off, he told me. His father gave it to him, and his father was dead.

His vivid green eyes shone brightly as he raked his blond curtains out of his face. He held out his hand to me as I came down the stairs in a white flowing dress, my braids pushed up out of my face save the few that hung in ringlets by my ears.

“Wow!” whispered Nick as he lightly brushed my cheek with his lips. “You look great.”

“Thanks.” I twirled for him, so he could see how well the dress complimented my figure. This dress was quite a find for me.

After hours of looking through clothes shops with no luck I came upon it. It was a short sleeve, chest-hugging dress that once pass the breastbone fell away from the body to just hang and lightly brush the tips of my white shoes.

“Let’s go!” I told him

“Don’t you want to say goodbye to everyone?” He asked.

“They’re all out, at dinner, come on!” I took his hand and led him outside.

The school hall was well decorated, the sides done up with tables laden with food and drink, and the middle left free for people to dance in. Then in the left corner nearest the door stood the hired DJ holding a few discs. Black and orange streamers hung from the ceiling, and then above the main doors hung a huge banner sporting the words Happy Halloween.

“This is great.” I whispered.

“Hey Ileandra!” A voice called from behind me.

“Verni!” I cried as my best mate Veronica Paterson bounded up to me with her boyfriend Ian in tow. “You made it!”

“But of course. I had to see it, for myself.”

“See what?” Asked Nick speaking for the first time since we arrived.

“My best mate and The Cutest Guy In History together. That’s what. Everyone says you look so cute together.”

“Is that what people are calling me?” He looked genuinely surprised yet pleased at the same time.

“Why of course,” I said, “because you are.” I kissed him quickly and dragged him to the dance floor calling to Verni that I’d see her later.

The rest of the night was a mixture of slow dances and fast pulsating ones. Then the odd drink and maybe a nibble from the buffet table.

At the end of it my dress was beginning to cling to my skin and Nick’s shirt to his. “Come on lets go.” He whispered in my ear. I managed a quick wave to Verni as Nick almost dragged me out of the hall. “Do you want to go for a walk?” He asked as soon as we were outside. I looked at him in joyous surprise and accepted eagerly. We walked past the school grounds, up the street and across the road. I had no idea where we were going but I didn’t care. As long as I was with Nick, I really didn’t care.

The moon dipped behind a cloud and the world fell dark, adding to the mood. “I’m going to take you to a special spot of mine.” He whispered. He slid his arm across my shoulder and pulled me closer. “A place only I know about.” We eventually came to an old building surrounded by an old wire fence. “Through here.” He said and he pulled me through a small hole in the fencing, and past the side of the building.

I began to fear for my dress and pulled it up round my knees. A wave of excitement ran through me as I realised that we could probably get in deep trouble for this. I grinned in the darkness as we passed through yet another gap to bring us into a field. “No one ever comes here, I don’t know why, but I’ve never seen anybody else here.” We struck out across the field and came to some trees. We followed an almost invisible path until Nick suddenly hissed, “Stop!”

There was an opening in the trees and before us lay the most beautiful natural pond I had ever seen. It was surrounded with weeping willows and in the centre of the pond was a beautiful little island. The moon came back from behind the clouds as I whispered; “This is beautiful!”

“Yeah I know,” he grinned, “I found it one day when I was out working. Now I come here every time I want to think or just be alone.”

“Its gorgeous.” I whispered, awed by the moonlight glistening off the water. Nick just smiled and kissed my forehead. I kissed him back and laid my head on his shoulder. Standing there content to hold each other Nick was oblivious to the dark shadow that swooped by.

“Nick!” I shook him gently, “Nick, there’s something out there.”

“Where I don-” he had no time to finish his sentence, as the shadow leapt out of the darkness straight towards us.

“Nick!” I screamed. I had only a few moments to stop the shadow landing on him. I wriggled out of his grasp and pushed him weakly to the side as the dark figure fell upon me. The three of us hit the floor in unison, only Nick jumped up immediately and tried to drag the thing off me. The figure, which I had decided was a man, punched Nick across the face sending him to the floor, and this time he didn’t move. The man then picked me up and leapt in two great bounds, across the pond. Once again the moon disappeared and I was left in darkness my only hope being that at least my assailant could see where he was going.

I struggled against the iron grip that held me to his shoulder as he ran across the field. I then became aware that we were slowing down. Finally I was dumped on the floor to recover after my bumpy ride. My kidnapper watched me carefully while he caught his breath.

“What do you want?” I said finally, I was angry, and worried about Nick, who had been left behind.


“Well, can you speak?” I stood up.

“Yeah!” A hollow voice came from the darkness where the face should have been.

“Well?” I asked beginning to lose my anger and feel fear. A lot of fear.

“I’m hungry!” The man suddenly lunged at me, knocking me over while he aimed wildly at my neck. I squeaked in surprise and hit at him. We continued to scuffle until, in a panic I bit him. I held on as he struggled. I had quite a grip. Blood oozed out of the holes in his hand and he howled as I held on. In a rage he slapped me, nearly taking my head off. The world spun and the stars that suddenly appeared seemed strangely bright.

He grabbed at the neck of my dress and ripped it. I swiped at his face trying to keep him away and clear my head at the same time. No luck as he finally got to my neck and bit me. I felt my blood begin to drain from me, it was an awful feeling that I would never forget as long as I lived.

Suddenly a voice called out, “Ileandra!” The moon that had been hidden most of the night appeared from behind a cloud, and for the first time I saw my attacker’s face. A long, trickle of blood ran down his face where I had scratched him.

He seemed to see me for the first time too. He looked at me in what looked like shock. He grabbed my face and looked at me closer. “You!” He whispered. Finally he dropped me to the floor and nursing his bitten hand ran off into the night.

Moments later I felt Nick’s strong arms lift me into a sitting position then with trembling hands, wrench his mobile from his pocket and call an ambulance. That’s all I remember before, as they say, the world went dark.





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