RS: eBook Review – All Of Me, Harper Bliss

All of Me cover art

Credit: Harper Bliss

Author: Harper Bliss
Title: All of Me
Genre: F/F Erotica
Length: ’13 pages’

Jess’ girlfriend Laila surprises her one night when she flips her over and demands all of her.


line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart


It’s a bum! ^_^ Not sure what else to say beyond that. It’s a bum and in what I’m learning to be classic Harper Bliss Style, it’s black and white picture (usually featuring sweat) with simple text to the top and bottom. *shrugs* It does the job, doesn’t it?


Jess gets a (pleasant) shock when her girlfriend Laila decides to take firm control in the bedroom.

Yeeeah, this isn’t a ‘story’ so much as a snippet. There’s no beginning-middle-end as such, no conflict, but it was still entertaining. Shame I can’t call it a ‘story’ though.


Jess: The bottom. Rolls over beneath her super smexxy girlfriend and takes it aaaaaaaaaaaaaall! Fair play to her. 😉
Laila: The top. Can I . . . can I get a Laila of my own? Please?

. . . I wish I could say more, but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to get to know these characters. So that’s all I can give you. 😦


Very, very hot. I’m fairly certain my Kindle is still smoking a little bit.

Overall experience:

Short for a quickie while sitting on the loo (and no, that’s not what I meant!). Since I do most of my reading either right before bed, or on the move with a toddler dangling off my arm, this is good length for me to read in one go.

I maintain what I said above though; this isn’t a story. Or not a story in the way I’ve been taught a story works. It’s a very (very!) smexxy snippet that belongs in something else to make one satisfying whole.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.4, which rounds out to 3.5 fireballs.

Interesting. I wasn’t sure it would average out that low, but as I think about it more, I’m not too surprised. Maybe if I wasn’t so much in my ‘writing head’ that I could avoid thinking about this piece as a fellow erotic author, I might have more luck, but unfortunately I can’t.

The book is great as a quickie, to fill a gap, but there is little-to-no character development/growth and no story at all, in a traditional sense.

Regardless . . . if you want a smexxy romp to fire you up for whatever reason, this will certainly do the trick.

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