RS: eBook Review – New Girl, Harper Bliss

new girl cover art by harper bliss

Credit: Harper Bliss

Author: Harper Bliss
Title: New Girl
Genre: F/F Erotica
Length: 15 ‘pages’

Liz has to share a room with the new girl on the volleyball team. What begins as a frustrating experience, soon evolves into something very satisfying.


line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart


Sweaty girl with rock-hard aaaaaaaaaaabs. ^_^ Methinks Ms Bliss has a thing for women built like spectacular athletes. They certainly feature a lot in her work.


Eeeerm . . . Liz gets smacked in the face during a game of volleyball and is made to feel (much!) better by the younger Nina with whom she is sharing a room.

More of a ‘story’ than other offerings by Ms Bliss, but again, there was still something missing. The story was designed purely to put these girls in bed and see them screw. Which . . . is great if that’s all you want, but I want need a little more than that.


Liz: The older woman. Falls for the younger girl – which is kinda why she got hit in the face with that volleyball! – and then proceeds to show her how great it is be a lesbian. Woooo! o.O
Nina: The younger, inexperienced woman. She got a treat, let me tell you. Though I found none of the nerves I would normally associated with a young girl having a sexual encounter with an older woman for the first time. Or are you not supposed to be nervous? Is that just me? I was scared as hell when I finally got down and dirty with my first woman. It was great, but fuck me, was I terrified! I got none of that from this . . . it just didn’t feel right. Kinda stylised and buffed to pretty, but unrealistic shine.


Despite my gripes, the story smoked. It really did. I love me a bit of F/F action and that is something Ms Bliss is extremely good at! I certainly enjoyed reading.

Overall experience:

Too damn short. Again. I’m not complaining about the length, as such, as I knew it was a short story, but I do think the ending was abrupt. I knew the end was nigh, but that caught even me off guard which should be the case with a short story. I do feel these things should be rounded off, not just at the end of the Big O, but to round off the actual story. There was certainly more to tell.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.4, which rounds out to 3.5 fireballs.

Another 3.5er. Not too surprised, though I’m starting to think I’m looking in the wrong place with these tales. I do enjoy them, don’t get me wrong, but the literary snob in me (haha!) demands more of an actual story and characters that are more than mere sex machines.

Still, as ever, a great, quickie and there’s no misleading here. The description tells you exactly what to expect and that’s what you get.

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