RS: I Haz Planz 09/04

I’m sure this is a significant date in DSB‘s calendar. Wish I could figure out why. -_- I’ll have to work on that as it’s probably something she’ll want to talk about.

Actions Last Weekblank calendar from OpenClipArt

~Make a decision on the potential cosmetic changes in the ‘MEO:TFS’ paperback
Decision made. And changes made. The pages really do look better without it, so I’m pleased I took the time to check it over.

~Complete a full read through of the ‘MEO:TFS’ proof and annotate.
Actually my lovely, lovely neighbour Sally went over the book with her keen, used-to-marking-student-papers eye. Coupled with my own readings we’re all good to go! Those changes have been made too.

~Upload those changes to document and order fresh proof
Changes uploaded and good to go. I just need CreateSpace to finish off their own review before I’m allowed to order the proof. They say within 24 hours, so, hopefully it won’t be long now.

Activities For This Week

  1. Send newsletter for this month
  2. Devise marketing plan that can be run through Twitter since that is primary means of doing so these days
  3. Create spreadsheet to record book reviewers contacted including when, where etc, etc
  4. Order new ‘MEO:TFS’ proof


Another gentle week so Ileandra can do all her drafting. She was doing really well, but being away yesterday and sick today has slowed us both down somewhat. goal shooting goals from open clip artBut we’ll do it. I figure once I have my plan in place for gentle promoting through Twitter she’ll be able to steal some of it for ‘Silk Over Razor Blades‘ so that’s what I like to call multitasking.

Also, spreadsheets are something I find fun. Dunno why but working with tables and numbers that way just gives a mad sense of accomplishment. Maybe I should do more stuff like that.

For now though, I’m putting that all to one side as we need to be a bit of exercise. It’s late, so lets see how many times I can jog up and down the stairs before feeling (more) gross. 😉

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About Raven ShadowHawk

I take great pleasure in writing erotica and am merely one side of the proverbial coin. My other half, 'Ileandra Young' writes fantasy and the occasional comedy piece. My six-part series 'Meeting Each Other' is available in full, through Amazon and Smashwords while my debut novella 'Sugar Dust' is now re-released (!) available through Amazon via Little Vamp Press.
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2 Responses to RS: I Haz Planz 09/04

  1. Another busy week for you, and it looks like you’ve achieved a lot…well done! How nice to have a neighbour that will help you with your manuscripts, thats a great asset. Sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling tip top, and hope it’ll pass quickly.

    Interesting you like tables and spreadsheets. I’m hopeless with them! I find them really hard to get to grips with, and shy away from Excel…


    • Sally is lovely! She bought my first release when it came out and gushed about it in a way that really gave my confidence a boost. Best part is, I know she means it. ^_^ Not sure if she’d be as keen to read the fantasy though, if you take my meaning. 😉

      As to spreadsheets . . . I used to find excuses to make them all the time! If you’d like, I’d happily go through Excel with you or pull something together if you need a table. 🙂

      Speak sooooooon. x


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