RS: I Haz Planz 30/10

goal shooting goals from open clip artFollowing on from this morning’s post it’s now time to look at how much week has been. I had a lot on my plate to sort through and, though I’d love to blame other people, the main reason behind that is simply that I haven’t been on the ball.

Now with NaNoWriMo right around the corner I guess I’ll need to accept that those things not done will probably have to wait until December. *shrugs* Meh.

Last Week

book and reading light form into ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’ cover art options.
I have some ideas. But I haven’t been back to Angie to check on her schedule nor have I delved into potential images. But I do have a concept, which is a start.

~Issue requests for two book reviews for ‘Vicki & Lara’ or any other story in the Meeting Each Other series
Yes. I mean… fuck… yes, I actually did it! I’m super proud of this one because I seem to have a strong aversion for asking for things. Whether it’s fear of rejection or something else, I really struggle to say ‘Would you mind if…?’ or ‘Can I trouble you for…?’. The fact that I’ve done it this week has put a massive spring in my step. Now I need to keep it up.

~Complete deep edits on ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’
Done! Waaaah, okay, that’s not as bad a week as I thought it was. I’ve done really well. ^_^ I’ll have to transfer those edits back to Scrivener and since I’m booked in with Karen for around Nov 15th, I need to make sure it’s done pretty soon. Guess that makes planning the rest of my week nice and easy!

a pen and a pencilThis Week

It’s also the end of the month (near enough) so I need to factor in the odds’n’sods I want to clear up to achieve the full month goal if at all possible.

  1. Transfer ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’ edits back to Scrivener
  2. Do a ‘kindle read’ of ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’
  3. Send ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’ to beta readers
  4. Send one review request for any story in the Meeting Each Other Series
  5. Start NaNoWriMo (and keep up with the daily word count – DON’T go overboard if unnecessary)!

Done. Most of that needs to happen before Saturday, but since Slippers & Chains: Sugar Dust is with Jenn I should be fine in that regard.

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I take great pleasure in writing erotica and am merely one side of the proverbial coin. My other half, 'Ileandra Young' writes fantasy and the occasional comedy piece. My six-part series 'Meeting Each Other' is available in full, through Amazon and Smashwords while my debut novella 'Sugar Dust' is now re-released (!) available through Amazon via Little Vamp Press.
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