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Sup lovers! A few weeks back Ileandra and I talked about opening this blog for other authors a bit more. We want to reach out to other people doing what we’re doing, look at their books and learn more about them.

So begins what I hope will soon become a regular slot for other authors to come in and chat with us, either with their own post on what they’re up to or an interview. There’s no posh name for it yet, but hopefully we’ll be able to launch it properly in the new year. Hopefully.

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In the mean time, first author to kick us all of is Nancy Corrigan.

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For the sake of those followers out there who might not be familiar, can you tell us who you are and where you’re from? Kinda like Blind Date style? 😉
My name is Nancy Corrigan. I’m from Pennsylvania. I’m married to a very patient husband who understands my writing quirks. I have three kids, a cat, dog, snake and two guinea pigs. When I’m not writing I work as a scientist.

And what do you write?
I write paranormal and contemporary romance. For a heat level, I’d put them at sexy and explicit but they all have an HEA/HFN. At the moment, all my titles are M/F. I love everything paranormal. My worlds touch on shifters, gods and demigods, demons, faeries and vampires. My contemporaries which will be releasing soon are centered on a rural town called Sander’s Valley.

Right, now with that stuff sorted out, here are the super hard questions. The brain grinding, chest thumping, sweat inducing questions… What’s your favourite type of chocolate? No, I’m serious, go ahead.
Dark chocolate. I love the Hershey’s little nugget ones. They’re small. They don’t really count 😉

I like that logic! And pizza topping? 
Bacon. Well, bacon on just about everything. I am, however, holding off on the maple and bacon flavored muffins by Betty Crocker. But then again, if anybody has tried and loved them, I’d give them a shot.

What about favourite movie? 
Oh, there’s so many. I don’t watch TV, but I love movies, especially horror and action. If I had to pick just one, I’d have to say the original Star Wars movie. Not my favorite genre but that’s okay. It’s still amazing.

You’re not wrong there, the original three were brilliant. Right, that’s my silliness indulged. ^_^
Your most recent release is Mist Unveiled, out now I believe. Do you have a favourite character from the story? One that sticks in your mind for any reason, positive or negative?

My favorite character from Mist Unveiled is Cat.

Can you tell us why?
While I didn’t write her as a reflection of my personality, she does share a couple of the same traits I’m guilty of having—getting caught up in her work and forgetting to eat and sleep, for one. She’s also a scientist.

What was the hardest part about writing a character like that?Realizing how crazy I must seem to my loved ones when I wake up in the middle of the night so that I can write “that scene” I dreamt about.

And where might readers be able to get hold of it?

Fantastic. Do you have anything else in the pipeline?
Right now I’m working on an intensely emotional and sexy shifter book. No title yet.

Can you tell us a bit about it?
It’s not part of my Royal Pride series which is my feline shifter series, but it’s a standalone that I had to write. It came to me in a dream and my hero has since been demanding it be told (one of the writing quirks my husband just shakes his head at-lol). I’ve been squeezing in scenes whenever I could while finishing off my second contemporary. My first, Love Repeated, will be releasing from Loose Id on Nov. 25

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Ain’t she cool! Anyway, thanks for that, Nancy and thanks for this delicious excerpt too. Read on to get a little taster of Mist Unveiled.


Excerpt #1 (PG-13)

Unable to resist the scent of heaven that had lured him to her in the first place, he buried his face into the fall of her raven hair. She smelled of something fruity and exotic. He couldn’t place the scent, but it compounded his craving. He wanted to devour her.

Deep breaths filled his lungs with her signature fragrance. Dizziness gripped him. He tightened his hold on her to stop himself from swaying and unleashed his will to influence her. With the few drops of his blood in her body, he wasn’t sure it’d actually work, but he had to try something.

“Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you.”

She hiccupped. The fingers scratching at his back stilled. He waited a moment for her to succumb completely to his order. Her tense body and rapid heartbeat didn’t lessen as they should have. More expletives whipped through him at the implications of her resistance. He took another breath to calm his racing pulse.

“You’re going to bring the authorities here. They’ll harass me, maybe toss me in jail, all for kissing you. You don’t want that.”

“Don’t I?”

Shit. He dropped his forehead to her shoulder and reined in his power. It was pointless to expend the energy if she was resistant to it. “No, you don’t. You can’t blame me for losing control when faced with temptation. You’re beautiful, Cat.”

She turned her head. He eased back and met her probing eyes. “How do you know my name?”

Author Bio
Nancy Corrigan believes in unending love and epic tales with a paranormal flare. She enjoys transcending the boundaries of reality to take her readers on a passionate, emotional and romantic journey.
She’s also a mother of three and a wife to a very patient husband who doesn’t mind reminding her to eat and sleep. Her other interests include tattoos, animals, classic cars and all things spooky and sexy.
Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Pinterest | Blog

Aaaaaaaaand! If that isn’t awesome enough Nancy is running a giveaway to celebrate the release of the book! Hurry on over to enter and give yourself a chance to win a $10 gift card for Amazon or Ellora’s Cave.


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