Getting To Grips With Goodreads (& Mah Plans – 13/10)

In the goal section of a post a few weeks back, I talked about organising myself across social media and finding places I wanted to do the most of my talking. Boy was that tricky! I decided to focus on Twitter, peer blogs and Goodreads, doing most of my socialising across those three platforms.

The first two? Piece of cake. I love twitter and since I run a blog myself, it’s easy to talk to other bloggers about what they’re doing and how. I’m still not as organised as I’d like to be on that score, but I’m getting there.



Goodreads? What the hell?!

I’m sure it’s no more difficult to navigate prior to Amazon’s takeover, but for some reason I’m really struggling to find my way over there. It’s so busy. There are lots of conversations happening all the time and I must admit I’ve found myself somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer weight of traffic that seems to drive through that site every day. And I know that has changed since Amazon acquired it. The pair are linked now, which means that every book purchase I make, for instance, may end up there with reviews. I’ve had to manually tell both Amazon and Goodreads not to talk to each other as my Amazon account is also full of things Da Shared Brain has bought like DVDs, games and ink cartridges.

I digress.
Sorry. I’m good at that.

What I’m saying is, my grand plan to find new book buddies over there isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. I’m finding it really tricky to wade through the flood of ‘come to my book event’ (aka look at me, look at me, I’ve got a book I want you to buy!) and ‘be my friend’ (aka I’m adding as many people as I can to my account’s friends list so I have more people to spam with the ‘come to my book event messages).

I don’t mean to be a complete cynic about it, but I’m reconsidering my choice to use Goodreads as a platform to chat to people. There is so much noise over there that it’s hard to find people who just want to talk books. And that’s what I want right now. I have a critique group, but I don’t have a book club and of all my friends, only a tiny handful reads the sorts of things I read. So I want to talk to people about books I love.

My bookshelves*sigh* Maybe I’m just not spending enough time there. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places for this sort of information. But I don’t even have an author profile there yet. I have no books released (even if Raven does), so there’s no point me attacking Goodreads as an author. It would be far more valuable to me as a reader, right? Right? *hopeful voice*

Do you guys use Goodreads? How do you find it over there? Are you constantly drowning in the mire of authors trying to flog you things or have you actually managed to start chatting to people? I’d love to know. 🙂

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipartFor some reason I’m not certain of the week seem to crawl. I got lots done, but it seemed to be far more of the ‘here and there’ stuff rather than the items I added to this list. Or maybe that’s my brain playing tricks with me.
Let’s see.

Last week

Check in with Karen regarding SORB edits
Yep. Pretty much the day after I mailed her, I had the file. I’m 65 pages in and taking my time. Weird though, it’s just about a month and a half since I sent her the file and it’s like reading the story for the first time. Again. How is that even possible? o.O

Yellow happy smile from wikimedia commonsCheck in with Dave regarding cover art if no input by Wednesday)
Yup. Got a message back saying he’s doing well with the designs. This is a case of my own impatience creeping through to be honest. I’m sooooooo keen to see what he has that I can barely sit still. But he has promised me scans of the thumbnail sketches so I can drool over those (again) for a little bit while I’m waiting. And share them as teasers for my subscribers of course. 😉

Seek hosts for my blog bounce
This is another instance in which I phrased a goal badly. I did this, but I have no way to measure it. I’m not sure how many people I’ve spoken to, I just know that I’m getting some responses and that I’m becoming pretty damn good at answering interview questions. 😉

Outline content of SORB’s press release
Not quite complete but the basics are there. Of course I have no images yet (like final cover) but I have some details from the press kit over at the main website. That’s enough to get me hitting the ground running.

Spend at least two nights NOT working and combine them with EITHER an early night or a CrossFit/Roller Derby workout*
Eeerm. Totally didn’t manage this. Far too many late nights and nowhere near enough exercise. Especially since I’m on a roller derby break. Oh, I hadn’t mentioned that? *eye roll* Yes, I need a break from it just while I pull all these projects in order. Losing every Sunday and various weeknights for skating is contributing to the stress I’m feeling so I’m looking at other ways to cram in the exercise I need.

Pen2This Week

  1. Finalise SORB’s press release
  2. Complete 40 pages of SORB edits
  3. Approach seven individuals regarding my blog bounce (that’s only one a day)
  4. Decide on content and frequency of tweets regarding SORB’s release
  5. Find one group on Goodreads that is reader friendly
  6. Visit two peer blogs per day

That’ll do for now. Gently, gently, slowly, slowly. That’s how you get things done (if you’re me, anyway).

new ileandra signature,

About Ileandra Young

I'm a thirty-*mumbles* year old (purple loving, cheese worshipping) author of fantasy, juggling a pair of beautiful twin boys with my burning desire to make up stories and write them all down. When I get the chance, I play games, listen to music, and in days long past I even ran a radio show. Though I occasionally write non-fiction, my heart lives in fantasy and my debut novel, Silk Over Razor Blades is now available through Amazon along with part two of the trilogy, Walking The Razor's Edge.
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2 Responses to Getting To Grips With Goodreads (& Mah Plans – 13/10)

  1. MishaBurnett says:

    I think that Goodreads is of very limited utility to authors. I do have an account on it, and from time to time people send me friend requests, which I accept, but aside from that I don’t ever log onto site. I set up my author profile and linked it to my WordPress blog so that anyone who run across my books on it can follow my blog if they choose.

    That’s it. I don’t rate books, I don’t join discussions, I don’t write reviews, I know too many people who have gotten into arguments in a forum and suddenly found their books flooded by one-star ratings from people who were reacting to the forum post and had never read the books.

    I did one giveaway, when I first started out, and sent out five copies of my first novel. I’ve seen two of them, so far, on ebay being sold as new, none of the people who won a book reviewed it. I suspect that majority of people who sign up for Goodreads giveaways do so to get free books to resell.

    The few Goodreads success stories that I have read have all been from niche romance writers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Funny isn’t it? Admitedly I’m balanced between using Goodreads as an author and as a reader. I’d certainly get a good deal more out of it if I picked one or the other. But going there with intent to ‘be an author’ still feels a bit icky to me. Maybe I just don’t have my business head screwed on tight enough.

      I do put my reviews there (when I remember) and rate the books I read (same) but I’ve heard similar stories about unfortunate incidents in which one-star reviews are used as weapons. Tis cruel.

      I’ve not entered a giveaway yet, nor thought about running one, mainly because I’m not quite that organised. Also all of Raven’s stuff is digital and I’m sure Goodreads only allows giveaways of physical books. You’re right though, sad as it is, I’m sure there is a tiny percentage of people out there just in it to see what they can get for free. On the one hand, these folk may eventually evolve into real readers if they like what they see. On the other, they may do exactly as you just described and sell books on for profit. *sigh*

      So far leaning much more towards using Goodreads as a plain old reader!


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