Bonus Blog – New Posting Schedule: Ileandra vs Raven

Good morning all. How’s your Sunday going so far? Today it’s my turn again. This time to talk about the new schedule of posting for this blog.

Going forward, our posting schedule will look like this:

Mondays: Ileandra
Thursdays: Raven
1st and 3rd Saturdays: Ileandra
2nd and 4th Saturdays: Raven

Those months with an extra Saturday in them we’ll decide as we go. There’s only four, or was it five (?) so it won’t come up a lot, but when it does we can toss a coin over it. Or even let you decide with a vote before hand.

white button with green vote, with a tick

Credit: netalloy on

This is because I’ve seen Ileandra publishing her goals for the week to the blog and how her productivity has soared. It’s a useful and tidy way of both keeping you in the loop and seeing all her aims laid out in black and white.

So I’m stealing it.

I also want more of a presence on the blog (because I’m like that) so the new schedule kicks into gear properly on Thursday Jan 9.

Hope to catch you around.
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About Raven ShadowHawk

I take great pleasure in writing erotica and am merely one side of the proverbial coin. My other half, 'Ileandra Young' writes fantasy and the occasional comedy piece. My six-part series 'Meeting Each Other' is available in full, through Amazon and Smashwords while my debut novella 'Sugar Dust' is now re-released (!) available through Amazon via Little Vamp Press.
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