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It’s Not Fair!!

I know I’ve had this rant before, but I can’t help it. Why can (and why do) established authors get away with so much? Such poor writing? Such weak characters? Plots that are completely unbelievable and a stretch even for … Continue reading

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Catch Up Blog: Ooops. Sorry! Okay, erm… goals!

I MISSED A POST! Yeah, yeah, I know, I know; I’m allowed. I have a reason. I can be excused. -_- I’m still sorry. Those of you who are regular visitors… I feel committed to you. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Getting Back On The Horse

I forced myself to do some self-analysing on Tuesday. I’m tired. I’m worn out, not burnt out, but not my best. I spend my days with my beautiful boys and then collapse in the evenings. Since being a mummy is … Continue reading

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You know that feeling where you’re so excited about something that you might just choke? Or throw up? Your whole body is humming with anticipation mixed with a large dollop of fear? Your hands shake at odd moments, your hairline … Continue reading

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I Knoooooooooooow What I Like!

I know that isn’t the line exactly, but when I thought of this post, this track is what I thought of. Yes, I do like it. Last time I talked about my characters being likeable. To start, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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