Six Sentence Sunday 02/09 #30

Gooooooooooood morning everyone!

Got more for you this week and even though I’m still giving you samples from my A-Z of Flash Fiction, this one is a bit of an odd piece. We’re on ‘U’ today and the trigger word is ‘ukelele.’

How many of you have seen the advert for It may be different if you live outside the UK, but for a long while the advert featured a man singing across a train station platform to a girl on the other side. He played a little ukelele and it was just the cutest little piece of advertising I’d ever seen.

If you’ve not seen it before, this is the advert in full:

I remember singing the stupid little song when I woke up in the morning because it was just so thoroughly stuck in my head. It was so stuck there that I wrote this little piece of flash, first person, just to get it out of my system. So… I hope you enjoy these six sentences.

~Gemma espies a not so secret admirer….

“Its the best smile I’ve seen for a while.”

Its too difficult not to look up. So I do.

Across from me – directly across, in fact! – on the opposite platform is a man. He’s plucking lazily on a tiny ukulele and gazing across towards my side. Towards me!

This week, as ever, there is a selection of other authors to sample by visiting the main site. You can do that by clicking on the banner link below. Catch you next time!

Six Sentence Sunday

About Ileandra Young

I'm a thirty-*mumbles* year old (purple loving, cheese worshipping) author of fantasy, juggling a pair of beautiful twin boys with my burning desire to make up stories and write them all down. When I get the chance, I play games, listen to music, and in days long past I even ran a radio show. Though I occasionally write non-fiction, my heart lives in fantasy and my debut novel, Silk Over Razor Blades is now available through Amazon along with part two of the trilogy, Walking The Razor's Edge.
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6 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 02/09 #30

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    I haven’t seen this one in the US, but then, I don’t watch a lot of TV, so I may have just missed it. 🙂


  2. Ceri Hebert says:

    Very sweet! I love his approach.


  3. Monica Enderle Pierce says:

    And this is how books are born! 😀


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