RS: I Haz Planz 26/02

Two days. Just two more and then February is over. It feels like a long month. Weird, because it quite literally is the shortest month of the year. Ah well. How does my shiz look at this moment in time?

Actions Last Weekblank calendar from OpenClipArt

~Transfer half of the ‘Second Base’ Deep Edits back to Scrivener
Done! Finished at 3.50pm this afternoon. *wipes brow* I’m unsure though; I think it needs another chapter near the end. Just once more section from Dan’s perspective. He has loose ends that aren’t resolved, but I need to check if I can leave them open or if the story is more satisfying with it done. My Kindle Read will help determine that.

~Complete Deep Edits on ‘When Vicki Met Malcolm’ following feedback from Phoenix Writers
I lost all my notes -_- so I had to make the changes from memory. Thankfully I spent enough time studying them that I think I caught everything. I’m still not happy with the bloody title though. I have to work on that before I can publish. I need to be happy.

Activities For End of The Month

  1. Format ‘Meeting Each Other: The Full Story’
  2. Rename ‘When Vicki Met Malcolm’
  3. Do background prep-work to get ‘Meeting Each Other: The Full Story’ on both Amazon and Smashwords


goal shooting goals from open clip art

There’s only two days left to February so any more than that would be stupid. Besides, I need recovery. This week has been hard and tearful and stressful, which I expected, but further unexpected sad news on Monday further knocked me right on my arse. I didn’t do anything at all for two days. You know what they say about funerals, right? Coming in threes? Now I’ve heard of no.2 I can’t stop this niggling thread of fear that there’s another one coming up soon. And that this one will be close(er) to me than the others.

I know that’s irrational – lack of sleep does that to you – but just in case, this week is going to be a slow one. At least as far as these targets are concerned.

So how are you lot? Hoping you’re having a better week than I am.

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RS: Cover Reveal – Meeting Each Other: The Full Story

‘The End of an Era…’

I don’t know if that’s somewhat more dramatic than it should be. I don’t think so. But it feels as though something huge is coming to an end. Perhaps that’s because it really is.

‘Meeting Each Other’ marks my first foray into the world of independent publishing and I’ve learned so much on the way. I’ve gained confidence too; something I was sorely lacking in those early days when I let Ileandra talk about my work.

Now, however, I have all six books in the series out there in the big bad world and now the compilation, all six stories, gathered into one volume with a bonus story included within. And this will be my first print release too. ^_^ Ha, take that Ileandra, you thought you’d beat me to print. :p


Remember a few weeks back I mentioned that a new lady was looking after the cover for this release? That I figured someone named ravenink had to be a good sign? Well look at what she made for me:

Meeting Each Other: The Full Story

Taaah-daaaaaaah! Click for full size.

It’s beautiful and I’m so happy with it.

Yes, I know further down the line I’ll need to rebrand the other six books, but this is much more like what I need for people to know what they’re getting.

This is the same cover that will feature on the print version, though the rear side will have the blurb, of course, and the Smut With Brains logo.

Now at this point, I’d usually put up an excerpt or some other related treat, but not this time. After all, you know these stories now, you’ve been with me as I released them, and the bonus story is exactly that; a treat for those who purchase the book. But… I can tell you that when the print book releases I will be running a little competition and giving away a free copy. I haven’t decided fully on the details yet, hence the lack, but they will be here shortly, so watch this space. :)

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IY: Mah Plans 23/02

goal shooting goals from open clip artYou know how a slinky bends and twists and looks awesome (including that walk down the stairs thing they do)? You can get them in lots of different colours and sizes, though the huge, palm sized ones are my favourites. And you know how you can play with them and twist them and manipulate them but, if you handle it ever so slightly wrong, you get into a mad tangle that’s near impossible to undo?

two hands holding a slinky

It’s me! ;-)

I’m a slinky.

Not in the bad, totally-tangled-up kinda way, but in the walking-down-the-stairs-in-gentle-flicks-that-looks-quite-cool-but-could-end-quite-badly-when-I-hit-the-bottom way.

Ha. How’s that for an evening analogy? ;-)

Actions Last Week

Write 12.5k words of ‘On A Knife Point’
Close. Veeeeeeeery close. I got to 11.5k before I just couldn’t do any more. And even those words were hard won. I feel like I can’t quite get into the story (I was whining about this during #writingchat on Wednesday) and the first 1,000 words took three days. That really hit my morale because traditionally, 1,000 words takes two hours. On a good day, it takes 30 minutes. Sometimes I forget what it’s like to struggle, so it’s simultaneously good for me and really freakin’ annoying. Fortunately I’m okay now. Hopefully. Maybe.

Read half of ‘Silk Over Razor Blades’ to highlight ‘underwritten’ passages
Oooh, you’ll love this. This is an example of tired Illy not thinking straight. I decided not to persue this goal actively because Dave still has my proof copy and I didn’t want to be reading the piece on the computer.
See the issue here? This is the book that, if I wanted, I could publish tomorrow…
I could have just put it on my Kindle!!! Would you believe I didn’t think of my eReader until exactly 15 seconds ago? *head desk* Ah well. Maybe this week.

Activities For The Week

It’s the week from hell. I’m away from home right now and won’t be back until tomorrow. Dave has BUCKETS of work to do for his show on Friday and simply cannot give me extra time. While I want to work, he’s going to be delicate anyway given stress and the funeral he’s about to attend tomorrow. I want to be there for him. Issue two of Fab Fables punishes tomorrow and I still have one story to format for conversion. Plus Raven is nagging DSB to get some of her own stuff stuff done.

Think it’s going to be a K.I.S.S. week.

  • Write 12.5k words of ‘On A Knife Point’


I need to do some more jiggling. If I’m honest, I’m glad this month is nearly over as I feel the need to adjust the plan I’m following before I can work? Is that a bit weird? Plus DSB has cut off our crisps and chocolate supply, meaning I’m pretty unstable and rabid right now.

Yes… it’s a health thing and it’s necessary, but it doesn’t make an addiction any harder to break. Because that’s what it is. An addiction. Well… this is day seven. So far, so good. I know if we can keep it up we’ll all be happier for it.

I hope your writing week is going well and that you’re achieving all that you want to ileandra signature,

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IY: So… I Did A Thing ^_^

It’s been a long time since I did any sort of performance. You may remember a few years back I did some work with Carol Leeming? And then I did some reading at a convention at The Phoenix (Gosh, that was so long ago, I was pregnant at the time!). Well Saturday was my latest performance.

Adele Wearing of Fox Spirit arranged a lovely little gathering in a café not far from all my favourite haunts. An hour of readings from six local authors. Well…

Reading at Fox Bites

It’s me! ^_^


I had a lovely time and got to read a little edited snippet of ‘Silk Over Razor Blades.’ I even got myself all organised and bought some pretty shinies before hand including posters of the cover art. ^_^

So I’m sorry that those people attending have been able to see the cover before you guys, but you will soon. Pinkie swear.

I wasn’t quite organised enough to get the names of everybody performed, but there were others from my critique including Wayne Kelly (DSB‘s partner in crime over at the Joined Up Writing Podcast) and Maya Chowdhury (also writing for Fab Fables). There were some lovely readings too, including a reading from the ghost story anthology that Boo Book produced last year. Do you recall the one I wasn’t quite successful in joining?

Best part is, there were recordings too, meaning that I should be able to post a video of the reading reasonably soon. Watch this space: I’m slowly gathering more and more media like that and looking forward to getting it up where you can see it.

How was your weekend? As fun filled and exciting as mine, I hope? :)

new ileandra signature,

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RS: I Haz Planz 19/02

Days like this I really want to jab Ileandra in the eye. -_- Yes it’s (probably) funny, but she’s drafting, which is so much simpler than editing. Not more fun, not necessarily, but editing takes just that little bit of extra brain power. *grumble grumble piss’n’moan*

Okay. Done with that. Let’s get on with it.

Actions Last Weekblank calendar from OpenClipArt

~Check new front and back data information for ‘Meeting Each Other: Full Story’, ensure it’s ready for formatting
Done. It’s just a word from me nattering about what’s gone on and what’s next. I also have a foreword in there, very kindly written by the lovely Lucy Felthouse, so I had to make sure that was input correctly.

~Transfer half of the ‘Second Base’ Deep Edits back to Scrivener
Half point reached earlier today. Ugh, that was hard! I’m getting a crick-neck from the constant down-up-down-up motion and I’m not to sure how to arrange my desk to deal with it. As a result, I’m going slower than I’d like. Hopefully I can keep it up and finish it up over next week.

~Complete Deep Edits on ‘When Vicki Met Malcolm’ following feedback from Phoenix Writers
Nope. I didn’t get to read last week so rather than agonising over the piece I just put it to one side. A concious decision which I think has done me favours. It meant I could focus on ‘Second Base’ properly.

~Send this month’s newsletter
Yep. That went out on Sunday. All up to date. :)

Activities For This Week

  1. Finish transferring ‘Second Base’ Deep Edits back to Scrivener
  2. Complete Deep Edits on ‘When Vicki Met Malcolm’ following feedback from Phoenix Writers (and reconsider the title)


goal shooting goals from open clip art

This week (or at least the later half of it) is going to be rough. Ileandra is doing a reading on Saturday and this is the last week before The Funk Master’s big project. We’ll also be hanging at DSB‘s mother’s place with The Sprogs while he’s at the funeral. :(

I really don’t know how this is going to go. I can’t call this one, but let’s just see shall we…?

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RS: Smexxy Music

‘Play That Sexy Music…’

Something light hearted today. Something that makes me giggle.

I’ve been asked this before and I think it’s about time I answered (so I can enjoy your reactions). What music do I use to get me in the mood for writing what I write? Is there anything in particular? A specific type or artist?

Well… yes, there is.

But it changes a lot based on my mood for the rest of the day. Lately I’ve been listening to this:

Not sexy, no (unless you like big billowy dresses and animals) but very calm and unobtrusive. I find it helps if I’m not distracted by the music, particularly with editing, because I need to have my mind on brushing up the tale.

However… there are other days when I put this on a continuous loop:

I know, right. Does that make sense? NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY but for some reason I find it very easy to work with this guy yakking in my ear. Guess it helps that I totally fancy him. o.O Hmm.

But that’s not as weird as it gets. Sometimes I just hit the playlist for this guy and all hell breaks loose:

Yes. No word of a lie.

So… next time you’re wondering if I’m jamming to Barry White, Stevie Wonder or Justin Timerlake… no. It’s Weird Al, Bo Burnham and, on very weird days even a bit of this:

Hey… nobody said I was a traditional erotic author. :-)

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IY: Mah Plans 16/02

goal shooting goals from open clip artI AM A MACHIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!! ^_^

Scratch the preamble, let me just tell you why. :)

Actions Last Week

Write 10k of the new novella ‘Dead or Alive’
14k. Again. I’ve finished it. The draft is done as of 9.30pm last night! It’s now 36.5k rather than 34k, but even that is amazing. I thought it would have to go waaaaay over, but by the time I got to the last few chapters there was just no need. The story was told with a little overrun of 2.5k. I feel like I should… I don’t know. I need to do something big to celebrate this because it isn’t a small thing I’ve managed to do. ^_^ Then again, I did buy myself a little present…

Buffy and Angel DVD sets

Well… Buffy is a loan, but Angel is aaaaaaaaaaaaaall miiiiiiiiiine! ^_^

Send this month’s newsletter to subscribers
Done. Went out last night at 6:30pm with all the latest goss. ;-) If you want in, you know what to do, right?

Contact Karen regarding ‘Silk Over Razor Blades’ formatting
Sorted. No response yet, but not everyone is mad like me; most folk don’t work Sundays and she’s away until Feb 23 anyway. I’ll give her a chance to have a look and see if she can slot me in at all. If not, I’ll have to do the formatting myself. Then again, with the base that she’s already done for me that shouldn’t be too tricky *fingers crossed*.

Meet with Dave about ‘Silk Over Razor Blades’ cover art
Done. Met with him on Thursday. Seriously, if you’re looking for original art work you need to contact this man. He’s so talented and just so… nice. A real, genuine pleasure to work with and I will certainly be stalking him for other projects.

Activities For The Week

Well. Given that ‘Dead or Alive’ is done and that most of this month’s activities are now secure, all I need do is get to work on ‘On A Knife Point’ (third in the ‘Saar’s Legacy’ trilogy).


My target word count for this first draft is 100k, so to keep on my schedule written up at the start of the year, I need to write 12.5k words a week.

Ha… after ‘Dead or Alive’ this should be a piece of pie (ultimate jinx!).

  • Write 12.5k words of ‘On A Knife Point’

What I do need to consider, however, is edits for ‘Silk Over Razor Blades‘, as highlighted by Angry Robot. So… I need to add something else to this list.

  • Read half of ‘Silk Over Razor Blades’ to highlight ‘underwritten’ passages


That’s plenty to be getting on with. I’m still a bit frail and Dave has tonnes of work to do meaning it’s all hands on deck regards the Sprogs. It’s like that normally, but I’m not going to be able to lean on him for support the way I usually do. He has to finish this project and next week is going to be a complete write-off as he has a funeral to attend and I want to be there for him in whatever capacity he needs me. :(

I want to support him AND look after my kids AND work on my career (and be healthy and not ill all the time, I suppose). Some days it feels like it just can’t be done. Others, I look back at my goals and know it can.

Let’s just see what this week ileandra signature,

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