Crowdfunding: Is It Begging? Does It Matter? (& Mah Plans – 22/09)

picture of me with shades of a

Happy Face (honest)

I adore Kickstarter. I don’t use it often, but when I do it’s usually for one of this guy’s projects. I’m a total fangirl and I know, without Kickstarter I would never get those books in my hands. Ever. And, when I do, as you can see, I’m quite happy.

But Kickstarter isn’t quite what I’m talking about here, because with Kickstarter you’re not just giving money away. You’re booking a product/service that will be available if there is enough interest to support making it. It’s like market research but in reverse.

But the other day I found another writerly type using Go Fund Me. I’d never heard about it before reading his blog and when I did I realised I’d discovered a less known version Kickstarter. Then I started to do some mooching around. There’s loads of these sites. Loads. All used with varied levels of success.

Last month when I was budgeting for the mammoth project that is Silk Over Razor Blades I realised that I was short. Waaaaay short to ensure I could hire the people I wanted to hire to get the quality I wanted. That’s the problem with my current situation; no reliable income but for what I make scribbling. But my primary income from scribbling takes a lot of investment. It’s that curious (and freaking irritating) loop with which all self published authors will be close acquainted.

openclip art - money, notes and coinsDid I think of Kickstarter? Or Go Fund Me? Or any of the dozen others I found?
I went up into my attic and looked at stuff I could sell.

Now… I don’t know what this says about me, but not for one second did I consider asking for money. It just never struck my radar. I talked to my mother about my plans and while she applauded the decision to get stuck in and ‘follow this dream’ she also promised me half of the funds required.
I didn’t start that phone call intending to ask for cash. Hell, I was whining about something totally unrelated and we ended up talking about work right at the end of the conversation. But my mother is just going to give me a wad of cash to help fund this project. She’s also going to hit my aunt and grandmother for ‘donations.’
I told her not to. She will anyway. And they probably will send something my way. They all consider it an investment. Bless ‘em.

But an investment? That’s a kind way to think about it. Is that writers (and anybody else for that matter) are asking for when they crowd-fund? Or are they just begging? Is that okay? Does it matter?

A lot of these questions can be answered by looking at the nature of the project. A writer using Kickstarter to raised funds for editing (and eventually giving those backers a copy of their book) is a lot different to the writer using Go Fund Me to raise funds for a new computer. In that second scenario backers/supporters/folk who donate don’t get anything except maybe a thank you. They aren’t buying anything, they really are just donating funds. There may be a future promise (‘help me buy a computer and when my next book comes out you can buy a copy’) but that, again, is of little value to the reader. What if they don’t like your next book? Don’t they get anything for helping you?

Shades of A Swag

Look! I gave Tab £30 through Kickstarter and he sent me all these beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful things!!!
Thank you, Tab. Love yooooooooou! x

Bah. This is one of those posts that full of questions and very little answers (sorry about that) but I wanted to put the thought out there. What do you think? Do you use donation buttons? Crowd-funding or fund-raising websites? How does it work for you? How do you balance what you receive with what you give to ensure it’s not all give and no take?line break, swirling graphics, from openclipartSo how did we do? Heh, this is starting to get kinda funny.
If only because I’m learning (even) more about what motivates me and what makes me freeze.
At least time isn’t totally wasted.

Last week

Locate three blogs that allow (or are requesting) guest posts and approach them with regards to me and SORB (trying a different tactic with this marketing plan lark – previous goals weren’t specific enough)
Hmm. I found two. Didn’t approach either. I’m getting there…. sloooowly slowly. Ha! Though I did find a load of great sites that offer help with organising blog tours and if I’m honest that kinda distracted me. *slaps wrist* It seems that spending time looking for someone to do the work for me is far easier than spending time just doing the work. o.O

twitter icon logo from wiki commons

Choose three social media platforms upon which to focus going forward (choice is between Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and peer blogs)
Actually this was quite easy. I kinda sorta knew before I began but having it spelled out makes my job easier. Going forward I’ll be focused on Twitter, Goodreads and peer blogs (which includes my mailing list). *nods decisively* So if you want to keep up with me, check out those places as of tomorrow. ^_^

From remainder of list, chose two secondary social media platforms for overspill work (ie – if there is time once main three are targeted)
Also easy. That leaves me with Facebook and Google+ (yes, I do have a Google+ account!) as overspill platforms.

Write up small article for submission to Writing Magazine and/or Writer’s Forum about SORB
Oh yeah…. Ha!

black and white roller derby girl skaterSpend at least two nights NOT working and combine them with EITHER an early night or a CrossFit/Roller Derby workout*
Yep. Getting better at this earlier night stuff, though my body ached right into Thursday from the last CrossFit workout I did. Since I could barely mount the stairs I figured I’d let myself recover before doing anything daft.

This Week

This is the last full week of September. Time to pull my finger out if I want to stay on track. I’m telling myself (quite firmly) that with Raven’s edits done for the time being, Da Shared Brain should have more time for me. We’ll see.

  1. Approach three peer blogs regarding guest posts.
  2. Write up small article for submission to Writing Magazine and/or Writer’s Forum about SORB
  3. Pick a story to submit somewhere
  4. Spend at least two nights NOT working and combine them with EITHER an early night or a CrossFit/Roller Derby workout*

This week I’m actually going to do it. I’m going to take one of these goals per day and get them done. No more slacking. No more worrying over something to the point that it cripples my ability to function. This week I just do it. I get back on form.
new ileandra signature,

*I’m keeping this ‘non writing’ goal in because it’s a health thing and my health has a direct affect on what I’m able to achieve career wise.
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Ileandra’s September Indie eBook Review: A Princess Who Defied Kings

cover art for A Princess Who Defied Kings

Credit: J Kirsch

Author: J Kirsch
Title: A Princess Who Defied Kings
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9780988647213

Words: 57,300
‘Betrayed by justice, what would you do? Princess Najika of the White Kingdom is no pampered princess, but when her wedding night with the Red Knight leads to a terrible crime, it shatters her world, banishing her to a place ruled by a man known to be mad and cruel. With pluck and courage Naji is determined to survive, but with a queen wanting her dead, she’ll need all the friends she can get.’

I suuuuuuuuck! So sorry. Apparently wandering off to visit my mother for the weekend means I can’t get blog posts out on time. Ho hum, hasn’t happened for a while, I’ll try to keep it that way.

For September’s review I return to fantasy, my first and dearest love. This novella is an example of what I call High Fantasy and for that reason alone I was thrilled to get stuck in. Here goes.


two starsFor me,t his cover tried to be too many things at once. It needed to be either the scaled background with text OR the cool chick with the blade with the text. Both somewhat detracts from the effect of both and makes them less than they are. And, on an original Kindle, it looks like three images just lined up one on top of the other because it’s in black and white. I had to return to Smashwords just to remind myself that there are elements to this cover I like. The colour choices are especially good. Unfortunately, there’s otherwise too much going on to make this cover as good as it should be.


three starsPrincess Najika is a no-nonsense, sassy little madam wrongly accused of murdering her recent husband in cold blood. Rather than killing her, the leaders of the trial (including her father) decide to ship her off to a neighbouring Kingdom to marry the lord (Black Knight) there. A sort of punishment for her and appeasement for him.
En route she escapes and madness ensues until the Black Knight saves her arse from a near-miss with some of the guard sent out to retrieve her.

Actually, I like this. A good, solid base for a story including a good starting point. Did she really kill this guy? Why? Are they just trying to stitch her up? What’s the deal with this Black Knight? And so on. Lots of questions, the answers for which are drip fed as the story progresses.

I guess my only problem with the story is that after the middle it got somewhat formulaic. Now the story, but the structure of it:

Chapter starts.

Najika has an issue/gets into trouble. She deals with the trouble or gets help dealing with the trouble. She moves on, foreshadowing the next mayhap which takes place in the very next chapter.

I started to feel as though I was reading a bundle of short stories tacked together because they had a common thread. Obviously there is an element of this in every story (because that’s almost the case) but I personally would have liked a bit more variation in how major plot events dipped and peaked. As they are, they’re quite easy to spot from a mile off and some of the magic is gone when you get there.

Despite that, there were a few nice surprises that I wasn’t expecting and the story completes itself very nicely while laying the groundwork for those that follow.


three starsNajika. The Mouth With Boobs. Heh and I don’t mean that in a cruel way, no, no. It was nice to see another female character able to hold her own (most of the time) without having to resort to using her body to get out of trouble (most of the time). Her voice was strong and clear throughout but at times I still felt as though I was only skimming the surface of what she was about. Strong females characters don’t have to be without vulnerable moments and just to be whole, Najika could have done with a bit more of that.
Bronwyn. The Sidekick. The relationship between this woman and Najika was necessary to stop Najika coming off as annoying, but I don’t know enough about Bronwyn. The friendship blossomed quickly but without the depth I needed to see if I really liked her or not. So moments where she should have shone bright and dazzling, I had to work harder than I might have liked to feel it.
The Black Knight. The Bad Boy. Actually almost my favourite character. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection on me or the character, but this chap was a whole lot more fun that Najika. He seemed to have more at stake than she ever did and that made me warm to him all the more (an issue somewhat intensified by the fact that I see Johnny Depp when I imagine him).

Overall experience:

four starsA pleasant little read. A good length, I feel, for the story to be told. At times a little slow, at others, chapters would have suffered no ill effects from being stretched to delve deeper into what characters were feeling and to highlight the stakes (and avoid the formulaic issue I described above).
I don’t remember any typos or formatting issues (which is good) but I do remember a giggling out loud at a bunch of very fresh and imaginative similes and metaphors (which is even better). Good on you J Kirsch. ;-)

Final score:

three starsAverage across all scores is a good, clean 3 stars.
I like high fantasy with female leads. There’s more of them now than there used to be and that pleases me. If characterisation and plotting continues in this sort of vein I will be checking out the rest of the series when I have time.
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I Haz Planz 18/09

Normally this goals list goes hand in hand with whatever I’m chatting about on the day. But the cover reveal for ‘Eric & Morgan’ deserved a post all of its own, so you have this separate today. Back to normal next week. Pinkie swear.

Last Week
Better. Not great, but better.

~Complete at least half the edits on ‘Slippers & Chains’ for Breathless Press
Yup. In fact I’m probably about two-thirds through. Not bad going and I’m pleased to say that I can see the point in the changes I’ve been asked to make. So far I’ve felt very little need to resist any of them. A good sign, I feel

~Write 3,000 new words of ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’
1,506. So half. Better than nothing. I’ve been so wrapped up in ‘Slippers & Chains’ that I’m not surprised this as fallen by the wayside, but I need to make a little headway on it. So I’m glad I’ve done this much

~Upload ‘Eric & Morgan’ files to Amazon and Smashwords in preparation for launch date
Sorted. The book is now available for pre-order via both channels, due for proper release on October 10 2014.

If any of you are interested in a copy to review (obviously I’m thrilled about that!) let me know and I’ll send the story to you in your preferred file type.

This Week
Odds and sods, really. I have to make sure that ‘Slippers & Chains’ is done, but the beauty is, once it is done, I’ll have a grace period of at least a week while Jenn rereads it. This means I can give a bit more time to other projects.checking off feedback

  1. Complete at the remaining edits on ‘Slippers & Chains’ for Breathless Press
  2. Write 1,500 new words of ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’

A short list today, but with good reason. No need to overload myself with a bunch of extra crap when I have these things to work through first.

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‘Eric & Morgan’ Pre Launch, Cover Reveal & #Competition

It’s that time agaaaaaaaaaaaain!

Yes, after a long(er than I expected hiatus) I’m pleased to say that the Meeting Each Other series is back on form. So far I’ve had the utmost pleasure in showing you the covers for,

‘Vicki & Lara’
‘Carol, Niall & Lin’
and ‘Bill’

Now, fourth in the series, ‘Eric & Morgan’ looks like this:

Eric & Morgan cover art

Click for full size

Ain’t it puuurdy? A step away from what I normally do, yes, but oh so beautiful just the same. Angie does incredible work, right?

In preparation for the release of this delicious piece of MM erotica I have a competition for you. First prize will not only win a copy of ‘Eric & Morgan’ but the rest of the Meeting Each Other back catalogue in whatever electronic format they choose! Whoop! Two runners up will also win electronic copies of ‘Eric & Morgan’ to savour and enjoy.

Sound good? I hope so.

And entering is super-duper simple. All you need to do is:

1) Like this post
2) Like my Facebook page
3) Stalk me on Twitter
4) Join my mailing list

That’s it. Easy right? Do that and your name will be placed in a big black hat of awesome randomness and on Thursday October 2 (midday GMT) I’ll use a random generator to pick a winner. Done and done.

Winners will receive their copies on Friday October 3, a full week before the book goes on general release on Smashwords and Amazon on Friday October 10. If you want to ensure you get the book regardless of what happens in the competition then feel free to pre-order on Smashwords or Amazon.

That’s it guys. Thanks so much. Another post later today will have my goal list in it. I didn’t want to soften this one by padding it out with fluff like that. Laterz!

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Singing The #amediting Blues (& Mah Plans – 15/09)

This feels like it should be a post for Raven. However, I’m the one freaking out, so after much deliberation I’ve decided to take on the subject.

the shared brainRaven is working through her content edits for ‘Slippers & Chains‘ right now. I’m waiting for the ‘Silk Over Razor Blades‘ edits to come back from the double team that is Louise and Karen over at LionheART. Since we share a brain, I get to look in on what Raven is doing as result of edits suggested by Jenn from the team at Breathless Press. I also get to see the fantastic effect those changes are having on what was already an awesome story.

Something as simple as delving deeper into the focal character’s POV can have a massive effect on a scene. Add (or removing) a dialogue tag and replacing it with an action tag can bring life to an otherwise stale and/or stagnant line within the text.

Small things. Simple things. Things that, in truth, most authors with experience learn to catch. And even if they don’t, that’s what editors are for, right? Because an author can’t catch everything, or make their work perfect without help. That’s just not possible (and if it is, don’t tell me – I’m hard enough on myself as it is).

My concern – and I know most if not all of you will share this concern at some point in your writing career – is that what I come to learn from this editing experience won’t come soon enough to help SORB. That Raven will have a glowing master piece of erotic-drama with liberal splashes of humour and I’ll have a dead-weight urban fantasy with flat characters and clunky prose.

I’ve worked so hard on the novel I know that’s not the case. I know that. I also know that some people will disagree since, as with everything else, liking or not liking a novel is often down to a matter of taste.

paniking man from open clip artBut I’m scared anyway. I’m scared that I’ve not given myself enough space and time to do the story justice. That I’ve not gone deep enough. That I haven’t explored my characters well enough or given the reader the tools to understand them they way I do. Even now, as I type, I can think of several scenes that I would tweak or change utterly to give a better view into the focal characters.

And I don’t know how to deal with that. I don’t know how to handle the idea that the novel is ‘done’ but for the suggestions made by Karen. And if, at this point, I’m already freaking out, what’s going to happen when the piece is for sale and I’m picking away at ‘Walking The Razor’s Edge‘?

At this point, I’ll admit that this post is really about asking for you to put my mind at ease. To tell me that you’ve felt the same way and that you understand. The feeling will never go away – there will always be a sense of ‘oh, I could have done that so much better.’ That’s just the path we choose in opting to be creatives. But know that I’m not alone would be mega helpful right now. If you wouldn’t mind.line break, swirling graphics, from openclipartNot a good week for goals. Not writing ones, anyway. Maybe because I’m freaking out about the upcoming edits so much, I’m doing a really bad job of actually doing other things that are useful. I’ll show you.

Last week

Spend at least two nights NOT working*
Yes. I watched films or went to bed early. I feel good for having done so, but balancing nights off against working days apparently is something I’m yet to master.

Sleeping blue star from Wikimedia Commons; LadyofHatsGet at least three early nights sleep*
Earlier but not early. Two nights I got upstairs by 10:30pm but most nights I was turning off the phone by 11:30pm. Not great, but better than collapsing into bed after midnight every day.

Decide what I’m going to do about cover artists
Done. Bloody hard but I’m thrilled to say that I’m working with Dave Johnson who always does fantastic work for Fox Spirit. I’m looking forward to having some mock-ups to look at over the next week or so.

cryiing scream clipartOutline the damn marketing plan (third time’s the charm)

Complete some more story outlines for Fab Fables
Yes, got two now, but I need to cross reference them with the system data we already have before I can point authors to them. Hold tight guys, won’t be long now.

Pick a story to submit somewhere (and submit if no work required)
Found one but it needs work. So nope. Aaah well. I’ll put that work on the ‘do later when other stuff is done’ list.

This Week

  1. Locate three blogs that allow (or are requesting) guest posts and approach them with regards to me and SORB (trying a different tactic with this marketing plan lark – previous goals weren’t specific enough)
  2. Choose three social media platforms upon which to focus going forward (choice is between Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and peer blogs)
  3. From remainder of list, chose two secondary social media platforms for overspill work (ie – if there is time once main three are targeted)
  4. Write up small article for submission to Writing Magazine and/or Writer’s Forum about SORB
  5. Spend at least two nights NOT working and combine them with EITHER an early night or a CrossFit/Roller Derby workout*

This week I’m actually going to do it. I’m going to take one of these goals per day and get them done. No more slacking. No more worrying over something to the point that it cripples my ability to function. This week I just do it. I get back on form.
new ileandra signature,

*I’m keeping this ‘non writing’ goal in because it’s a health thing and my health has a direct affect on what I’m able to achieve career wise.
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6 Tips to Avoid Punching Your Editor In The Throat*

*I should point out that I have absolutely NO DESIRE to punch either of my editors in the throat.
Both Jenn and Karen are lovely, professional, talented people and I’m thrilled to be working with the pair of them. But these tips are worth mentioning… and I wanted a post title that would catch your attention. :P

I got my edits back for ‘Slippers & Chains‘ on Wednesday. Only the first round, but it’s taken me this long to let the comments simmer so I can look at them like a rational person.

I got a wonderful email from Jenn (my Breathless editor) on Wednesday. She told me in plain English what was good, what was less so, what was strong, what could use propping up. She outlined her thoughts on structure, pacing, characterisation and style, all of which pleased me no end.

Then I opened up the document.

It was covered in comment balloons. Like totally covered. All over.

Something in my gut twisted like a corkscrew when I saw it.

My knee jerk reaction was anger.

What? What do you mean more emotion/reaction/action? Is it not clear from my beautifully constructed narrative and totally on-the-mark dialogue? Whatever happened to letting the reader do a bit of work and figure it out? You want me to spell out every little thing?

Followed quickly by doubt.

Maybe she’s right. Look at this here; there’s plenty of space to get deeper into Karen’s head. What if I’ve done this all the way through? Maybe I really do need to look harder into this bit—but I thought it was clear. My betas understood what I meant. Maybe it’s because they know me too well. Or were they just too polite to say? Did I read all their notes all the way through?

Chased by terror.

It’s not good enough. Breathless are going to turn me away. They won’t want it any more now they know how awful it is. God, I can’t do this. It’s shit. The whole thing is shit. I’m shit. I can’t write. This was a stupid idea. I should have stayed at the bank. I can’t do this. I can’t, I can’t!

I thought my head was going to explode.

bomb with fuse


Granted, I was reading this email and the attached document at 11.45 pm having just crawled into bed after an exhausting day. I had a headache too and a brain already full of all how to arrange a haircut for the sprogs without more embarrassing tears (yes, I cried during Sprog1’s first haircut, not him, me! Cried like a pussy. And kept a few pieces of hair. Yes… I’m a freak).

So I was already fragile.

But these six tips are what I’m working to keep in my head as I go through the edits. Six important details which hopefully stop me (and you guys) erupting like Krakatoa each time I see a new comment balloon.

Stay Calm (Don’t Panic)
paniking man from open clip art Don’t read your editor’s comments for the first time when you’re emotional/angry/tired/stressed. It won’t help you. Your brain is already rammed with whatever the hell else you have going on, adding this to the teetering stack will send the whole lot toppling like a stack of badly lain bricks.
So don’t.
Wait for a calm moment, Have a cup of tea. Keep chocolate on standby if you really have to.

line of people waiting For the love of all things sexy and sensual, don’t dive straight into those edits. No matter what state you were in when you opened up the document, I can almost guarantee that you won’t feel so serene any more.
I mean just look at my notes above. Me, the self-styled queen of ‘I don’t’ give a shit, I write for me, not you’.
This work is your baby. The result of weeks, months, maybe even years of slaving over the words. Then, in the space of a week, someone comes along and red-pens it to death.
How very dare they?
Even if you don’t think that’s what’s in your head, it’s probably there on some level. So wait. Have another cup of tea. Scarf the chocolate bar (and buy three more). Watch a film, read a book, go for a walk. Something. Anything but start those edits. Trust me.

Remember: It Ain’t Personal
Ileandra with Raven looking back from the mirrorIf you’re in the uber-lucky position of having had your work accepted by an agent or large/small publisher, then your editor will be somebody tasked to make the work better. Unless the world is smaller than I believe it is, it’s unlikely that you’ll know this person.
But the fact that you don’t know this person means that they don’t know you either. This means that all the comments they make, good or bad, are about the work. Not you. Never you.
This means that even if an editor tells you one chapter needs pulling down and rebuilding from the ground up, it’s a comment about the words, not you and your life.

Remember Who They Work For
man at desk Editors connected to a publisher get paid to make books as good as they possibly can be. Why? Because good books sell. All publishers want is a good book that they know their readers want. In light of this, doesn’t it make sense to listen to the person they hired to fulfil that goal?
The editor works for the publisher and the publisher wants to make money. But remember, if the publisher is making money from your book then you’re making money from it too. And that can’t be a bad thing, right?

Take Your Time
open clip art clock Deadlines are useful, make no mistake of that. But no one should take the piss either. Nor should you feel the need to rush. It’s painful to change things, cut things around, add things or start again, but the goal here is to make your book even more awesome. Isn’t that worth taking time over?
Nothing good comes from rushing, so be sure to take the same care of these edits that you gave to your own self-edits before submitting. It will only make things easier in the long run. And, if you need more time, just ask. Everyone has a real life lurking in the wings; any editor will understand if you’ve got kids or a full time job or sickness to deal with. Just be honest and upfront about it and realistic with yourself about expectations.

Fight For What You Believe

black and white pair of boxing glvoes

Credit: johnny_automatic

Sometimes an editor will ask for something and you don’t want to give it. Okay, that might happen a lot (it hasn’t happened to me yet, but it’s early days :p). When this happens, you obviously have the right to go back and say ‘I get where you’re coming from, but Character B just wouldn’t act in this way because of his past experiences at Location C while shacked up with Character A’.
Or something like that.
That may be the end of it, it may not. If not, and an editor insists on a change, then you’ve got to think about it with the same distance that you’ve given the entire project so far. Your editor knows what she’s talking about. She’s been doing this for some time. She knows the market. She knows the trends. She wouldn’t say this unless she knew it was for the best. But…! You know your characters, your story, your themes and overarching plots. You understand your characters better than anyone and if something doesn’t add up you’ve got to say so.
Find a middle ground that keeps everyone happy, including yourself.

There. I hope that helps.

I’m only a short way through my edits right now, but I’ll be keeping you posted with how I’m getting on. Meanwhile I’ll have these tips visible at my side at all times, hoping I reach the other end of this process with what remains of my hair.

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Why I Write Erotica pt2 – (& I Haz Planz 11/09)

Last week when I kicked off this series I told you that erotica is in my life. While that’s true, it’s not the only reason I chose to write in this genre. I write in this genre because:

2) It’s fun.

Yellow happy smile from wikimedia commonsThink about it this way; being a writer is the best thing in the world. Particularly a write of fiction. Not only do you get to make things up for a living, but you get to do it again and again with lots of different characters. You get to observe people and use what you see to populate the worlds you create with living, breathing creatures.

If you’re an erotic author as well as all that you get to write about sex. *snerk* What could be better than that? Not only do you get to write about it, but as you write, you get to experience it too.

Not physically, obviously, but with your words. The same way a reader would experience your words. You put yourself into the mind and headspace of your character and get to experience sex from dozens, if not hundreds of different viewpoints. And you get to do so in a safe, closed environment.

And think of all the dirty words you get to use! All those words you fear using in ‘polite conversation’ watch them stream from your pen/keyboard as you write. It’s a new level of cathartic release that I hadn’t considered over much until I began, and then when I had to stop.

What? You didn’t think I was going to do this completely seriously, did you?

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

Last Week
Goals. Heh, this seems to be getting worse and worse. Like Ileandra mentioned in her post, I was LARPing at the weekend. Since this is when I get the majority of my work down it was different to meet the goals this week.

~Write 3,000 words of the new ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’ short story
Nope. Didn’t even start. Got completely distracted by…

~Stand by for any edits on ‘Eric & Morgan’ from Karen (complete if they come)
They came. Of course they came, because Karen is awesome. I know have the files ready for uploading to various platforms. Next week I’ll even be revealing the cover and the release date, so stay tuned for that.

~Stand by for any edits on ‘Slippers & Chains’ from Breathless Press (complete if they come)
They came yesterday. Or rather early this morning because of the time difference. I’ve had a read through the notes (more of that on Saturday) and I think I’m ready to get on with what Jenn (my editor) has asked me to do. The deadline for this pass is Wednesday 24, so I need to get my rocket boots on in that regard. No more slacking off.

This Week
checking off feedback That means that there are two things I need to focus on this week and one that can afford to drag a little but that I should completed if I have time.

  1. Complete at least half the edits on ‘Slippers & Chains’ for Breathless Press
  2. Write 3,000 new words of ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’
  3. Upload ‘Eric & Morgan’ files to Amazon and Smashwords in preparation for launch date

There. Giving priority to those first two goals puts me in good stead for meeting the objectives for the month. Wish me luck!

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