RS: I Haz Planz 27/08/15

I’ll be honest, it’s been a disappointing week. I’m having real trouble focusing on anything for longer than an hour. When I do, the words/editing/thoughts/formatting/designing seems dragged out of me.
Like pulling my naked body over tilted beds of hot spikes. With weights strapped to my arms and legs. While piggy-backing a donkey. o.O

Yeeeeah . . . how’s that for imagery!

And, just earlier today, I spent an hour (maybe two) watching The Try Guys on YouTube. -_- Funny, NOT productive.

Actions Last Week

little green tic~Format Kindle and Smashwords versions of ‘Second Base’
Oh. No. I started the Kindle version and just couldn’t get it through in a simple manner. And since I tend to base the Smashwords version off the Kindle on, that’s not done either. :(

~Research cover art alternatives :(
A little bit of looking. So far it’s not very hopeful. If I want to maintain the look and feel I’ve got with Ravenink, I’ll either need to wait for her or go to someone like DaveJ who I know I can talk through the process. So far none of the other designers on Fiverr instil me with the confidence that she immediately did. And no word from her either: I still don’t know when she’ll be back.

~Make the list of all those who are to receive ARC copies of ‘Second Base’
This was probably the easiest thing on my list to get done . . . Nope. Moving on!

~Start writing ‘Slippers & Chains: Three’ (min 3,000 words)
. . . I started . . . That’s good, right? 168 words is better than nothing, as well as having to write out the entire outline from scratch. -_- Oh, didn’t I tell you? I couldn’t find my original outline. I’m sure I wrote one and that it is somewhere on my laptop, but I spent five days tearing about my folders trying to find it. Nothing. Eventually, I had to bite the bullet and just write it up again from scratch. From memory. A bit of a pain, but the idea feels fresher and a better fit following the events of ‘Second Base’ so it’s not a complete loss, but still . . . I’m quite annoyed.

Activities For This Week

  1. Format Kindle and Smashwords versions of ‘Second Base’
  2. Make the list of all those who are to receive ARC copies of ‘Second Base’
  3. Continue writing ‘Slippers & Chains: Three’ (min 2,000 words)

Thoughts . . .

checking off feedbackHeh, this week’s list looks a lot like last week! Hardly surprising, but not much is going to get done unless I can pull myself out of this funk.

On the bright side, DSB‘s latest podcast with Wayne was a fantastic interview with the truly lovely Sarah Painter. Speaking with her opened up a new avenue of thoughts and ideas for me and my work, which I’ll talk about more in the month’s round up. Let’s just say I’ve not done yo-yoing over my stance on self publishing and the like.

Maybe that’s why it’s been so hard to focus? Maybe my mind is too splintered with all the opportunities open to me. Because there are so many ways I can turn from now. I’m young, I have ideas, I have time . . . I can do anything! Maybe that’s the thought slowing me down.

Intimidated by choice . . .

Meh. Whatever it is, I hope it passes soon because I hate feeling like I’m not working. It makes me miserable as well as uncomfortable.

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RS: Guest Spotlight (Release Blitz!) – Kacey Hammell



Stirred by Love: Book 1
By Kacey Hammell
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77233-425-8
115 pages
Available with Evernight Publishing
Connected to DARE

Shaken and Stirred with a splash of dirty.
Candy Wilson arrives in St. Albert with one mission—to sign the next young, hot model to her modeling agency. She has no time for distractions and isn’t prepared for bartender Eric McKenna—the brother of her young client-to-be, Melissa. Eric challenges her on all counts, irritates her daily, and heats her body to boiling temperatures with just one touch. He’s hard to ignore and impossible to resist.

Eric McKenna will be damned if his baby sister signs any contracts with Candy Wilson. No way in hell will he allow anyone to whisk Melissa off to a foreign country and lead her on a path that’s not right for her. And yet Candy pushes him further than he’s ever been before and drives him crazy. Eric can’t control his need for her or the desire to engage with her . . . on so many levels.


“One Hell of a hot Number . . . Candy is a saucy lass, indeed . . . and headstrong. I fricken loved her. Stirring Up Dirty is perfectly titled; with every page turned, the heat was stirred up. Recommend for readers who enjoy erotic romance with strong, character led storyline with smutty as all hell sexy times.” ~ 5 Stars ~ Author, JoAnne Kenrick

“I really loved this fast paced story. The banter between Eric and Candy is thrilling and their sensual innuendos are sizzling. With this stunningly delicious story, we also get an update on a long beloved couple.” ~ 5 Stars, Liz, Goodreads

“. . . an amazing book from beginning to end . . . another great book by an amazing author.” ~ 5 Stars, Stephanie, Goodreads

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2015

Eric’s breath rushed from his lungs as Candy propelled off the sofa and straddled him in one svelte move.

He couldn’t resist the need coursing through him. Seeing her in his home today, a light blue sundress flowing seductively over her body whenever she’d moved, he was helpless to fight it.

Sliding his palms over her back, he groaned when her moist center came in contact with his hard-on. He ached. His buddy wanted escape from his pants. Needed to find the sweet heat that would make him happiest.

Her mouth latched on to his as she quickly undid his pants and lowered the zipper, freeing him. She nibbled his bottom lip with her teeth, then sucked it between her lips before her tongue plundered.

He’d never known anyone like her. Cool and collected one moment, and hotter than a crisp day in August the next. Their tongues played, tasting one another. He drifted his hands over her back, drawing her in closer, his dick rigid against her center heat.

Coming up for air, she shoved her fingers through his hair and grinned at him. Her eyes shone bright with desire and exhilaration. Her cheeks red, her breathing deep, she already had that sexy messed up look like she’d been ridden hard and completely satisfied.

And he’d make sure she left here today feeling both.

Clasping her hips, he shoved her down harder on his lap, her already wet cunt gliding along his shaft.  Her heat nearly scalding him, he laid his head back against the couch, watching her as she closed her eyes and gave herself over to pleasure.

Their heavy breathing filled the living room as he rolled her hips back and forth. Christ, she was spectacular. Her long hair swiped over her shoulder, mouth agape, cheeks flushed… She was primed and ready. All he’d need to do was shift her panties to the side and sink deep inside. He groaned.

Her eyelids lifted, the desire in her gaze nearly stealing his breath.

“You feel so good against me, babe,” he mumbled, prompting her hips to move faster.

She held on to his shoulders, her fingers digging in. “Eric,” she moaned, breathless.

His heart rate picked up, and he absorbed the joy of his name on her lips. He wanted to hear more of that. Every day. As much as possible.

What the hell are you thinking? There was no turning back. Not right now. Not when she was sliding against him, her pussy hot, and driving him to near insanity. How he was to keep a coherent thought in his head, he had no idea.

But one zipped through his mind, nearly stopping his heart.

Buy Links:
Kacey’s Book Page
Evernight Publishing / / Amazon UK

And to top off the new release! . . . Get DARE (where readers first met Candy!) for only $0.99 ~ At Evernight Publishing, Amazon stores, All Romance Ebooks

Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead . . .

Canadian-born author Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic. A romance reader from a young age, she fell in love with happily ever afters.  These days, as a multi- published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass, and emotion to the many genres she writes.

Mom of three, Kacey lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada.

Connect with Kacey . . .
Website / Newsletter / Facebook / Facebook Reader Group / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram

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IY: Mah Plans 24/08/15

Wow . . . I know it’s a leap of faith, this writing for a living lark, but some days are so bright and sunny, while others look like the end of the road. There’s no in between with me! Maybe that’s more a reflection of me and my personality than anything happening in the writing world?

. . . naaaaaaaah! ;-)

Actions Last Week

~Send x3 review requests for ‘Silk Over Razor Blades’
Four. I felt guilty so I did an extra one. But . . . I’m done now. This process is far too time consuming for what I’m getting from it. I need to find a better way. Also, at least five of the people who told me they could’t review, but were happy to post promo pieces, are yet to do so. I wouldn’t mind, except the deadlines they set for doing so have passed. Makes me cross. So . . . alternatives. *puts on thinking cap*

checking off feedback~Work through feedback on first section of ‘Dead And Alive, Episode Two,’ fresh from the PWG
Sorted. The piece sings now and I’m more than ready to read them the next piece. Not sure when I’ll get to though, as DSB is in the chair this week and she prefers not to read when doing so. Meh . . . we’ll see.

~Work through the rest of ‘Episode Two’ in preparation for reading at PWG
Completed in hard copy this morning. I still need to transfer it back to Scrivener and do a lil bit of cleaning before reading, but the hard(est) bit is done for now. Let’s see what they make of it, eh? ;-)

Activities For This Week

  • Transfer deep edits of ‘Dead And Alive, Episode Two’ back to Scrivener
  • Finalise ‘Dead And Alive, Episode Two’ cover art
  • Chase DaveJ re updates on WTRE cover art


I won’t lie, I’m a little upset at how little impact review requests are making, but the advice hear over and over seems to be relevant here: ‘the best advert for a front list is a back list. The best advert for a back list is a front list.’ The takeaway message here?

Keep writing!

I’d never intended to stop, but reminding myself of the fact takes the edge off and allows me to smile when what I really want to do is punch pillows and stuff my face with chocolate (bad Illy!).

write because you love it meme

Credit: Moi

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IY: Fantasy Creatures – Dragons – Chinese Dragons

Okay folks, this is going to be a diddy one because I really don’t know all that much about these guys. So . . . Chinese dragons:

Are Cool Because . . .

I mentioned last week that I know very little about these types of dragon. So it makes sense to chat about them a lil bit, right? Well, as you do, I started here and had a read around. Seems like dragons don’t always look like dragons! I like the idea that these creatures – in Chinese mythology anyway – can take on different forms. I also like that they represent things that are tangible, such as water and weather.

What Do They Look Like?

Depends who you’re chatting to. Some of them look like this cool chap on the left. Some of them are missing the legs.  Some have squared off heads, others have roundish heads. No wings (*sad face*). Others of them don’t look like dragons at all, but take on the shapes of other creatures just to mess with your brain. Niiiiice, right?

In Legend

Long or Loong is the name of an ancient Chinese dragon of legend. It’s said that the emperors Yan and Haungdi were related to dragons: the former, born of his mother’s telepathy with such a creature and the former immortalised into a dragon upon his birth. In Chinese culture, the dragon also symbolises power, good luck and strength They’re also known for their fancy powers over things like water, floods and hurricanes.

In Movies

This is a tough one. Maybe I don’t want enough world cinema, but I can’t think of a single Chinese dragon in any live action film. Even after scouring blogs like this one I drew a blank on films I’ve actually seen.Guess that’s something I need to work on. Still, check out the blog in that link for a cool run down of dragons in films, in general. This chap did some nice work. I guess the only example I have (if it counts at all) is Shenlong from the travesty that is the live action Dragon Ball Z movie which I believe was named ‘Dragonball: Evolution.’ Now . . . Shenlong is the name of the dragon in the anime, I have no idea what the dragon was called in the movie, but the creature had the same serpentine shape with iiiiiiitty biddy legs. Guess I need to watch more films.

Then again . . .

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RS: I Haz Planz 20/08/15

Brain . . . fizzling . . . losing grey matter!

We have guests (again) this week. DSB‘s father and youngest brothers are sticking around until tomorrow meaning work has been there, but not quite as frantic as usual. And while I don’t mind seeing The Fam ;-) I do feel that the push for work has eased off a little too much. I’ll talk about it more below . . .

Actions Last Weekblank calendar from OpenClipArt

~Complete ‘Read Aloud’ of ‘Second Base’ with all resultant changes
Done. Didn’t have much to do actually and I crammed it all in while DSB’s sister was off shopping.

~Format Createspace versions of ‘Second Base’ to get page numbers
Sorted. I also got started on the Kindle version. ‘Second Base’ clocks 174 pages using the same CreateSpace template as the one for ‘Sugar Dust.’ That means the books are about the same length, which pleases me greatly. :)

~Commission ‘Second Base’ cover art with Ravenink on Fiverr
Eeeeerm. She’s currently unavailable. :( I don’t know when she’s back or even if she’s okay, but Raven’s profile on Fiverr simply says that she isn’t available right now. Urk!

Activities For This Week

  1. Format Kindle and Smashwords versions of ‘Second Base’
  2. Research cover art alternatives :(
  3. Make the list of all those who are to receive ARC copies of ‘Second Base’
  4. Start writing ‘Slippers & Chains: Three’ (min 3,000 words)


blue smilie face

Credit: IslandVibz

Yeeeeeeah . . . that last goal is a big’un. But let me explain!

Waiting until November to start drafting seems like a really silly thing to do when I have so little else left on my list for the rest of the year. I may as well start now, take my time over it and perhaps, as a result, reduce the time required to edit as I’ll be working in less of a mad rush.

Also, Ileandra is going slightly crazy over the ‘Dead and Alive’ thing. You may have heard her say, on Monday, that’ she has already outlined the second season of her series, but she’s not allowed to start writing it until it’s her turn once more. To keep us both happy, I should start sooner rather than later. Maybe she can write that during NaNoWriMo instead of waiting around for me.

As for cover art; I hope Ravenink is back soon, but I can’t wait too long for her as I need time to order proofs, check colours and whatnot. If she isn’t around by the end of September (or if she hasn’t at least responded to my question by then) I’ll have to go to someone else. *sigh*

So, yes. ^_^ As of this week, I’m in drafting mode. Writing the third instalment in the ‘Slippers & Chains’ series. Maybe by this time next week I’ll have a title for it! ;-)

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RS: Tropes In Erotica – The Yearning Best Friend

Yep. The poor dude(tte) who just can’t get none, no matter how hard they try. They want to be a part of the action in the protagonists’s life, but they’re usually one of the following:

  • Too good a friend to risk ‘ruining the friendship’
  • In a relationship already and trapped within it
  • Living very far away or about to move to a distant location
  • A good friend of their interest’s current partner, and thus would be breaking some kind of bro’code (this is for the dudes)

They are usually men, but I’m not on the hunt for this trope in the form of a female. It must be around but I’m yet to read about her. Can you guys give me any suggestions?

Anyway, sad to say, I have this written this trope too. Pete from ‘Sugar Dust‘ is very much enamoured of Karen, but she’s with his best friend and a good friend of hers himself. No matter his feelings, he’s just never going to be a part of the relationship, nor is he ever going to get his hands on Karen. *sniffle* Poor bastard. :(

The other example of this that sticks out in my mind is the poor chap from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ who nearly got his lights punched out by Grey. Yes, Ms James did kinda save Grey from being a total dick and have him punch José—José Luis Rodriguez Jr!—when he put the moves on a drunk and slightly out of it Ana, but still . . . this guy is described by Ana as good-looking, smart, funny, nice and conventional. He’s pretty much perfect for her . . . except that she thinks of him as a brother (and he doesn’t have his own helicopter—oops!).

Oh well, José!
Better luck next time, yo.

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IY: Mah Plans 17/08/15


If I can upload my pictures, I’ll do so, but I’ve been in Skegness all day and it’s lovely out there. I’ve been once before and that was (not long) before The Sprogs were born, so it was lovely to go back and remind myself there are beaches with sand in this country. ;-)

Actions Last Week

~Perform last few cover art for tweaks for ‘Episode One’ of ‘Dead And Alive.’
Dooooooooooooone! And so pleased with it too! Like nothing I’ve ever created in PS before, so I’m feeling quite proud too.
Wait, have I shown you yet? Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail!

cover art for S1E1 Reunion

Season One, Episode One: Reunion

checking off feedback~Release ‘Episode One’ of ‘Dead And Alive’
Eeeyup! All sorted and the teaser is out too. I’m still waiting for Amazon to update the price to £0 (which is what the teaser should be) but they’re taking their time over it. Hopefully not too long as it’s currently priced the same as the full episode; that’s as low as Amazon will allow me to go. -_- *sigh* Self publishing eh? Who’d do it? ;-)

~Send x3 review requests for ‘Silk Over Razor Blades’
Done. Phew! I think, at the end of the month, I’m going to give this a rest and let some of the existing requests filter through. I’m just not happy enough that the return on this exercise is worth the time spent.

Activities For This Week

  • Send x3 review requests for ‘Silk Over Razor Blades’
  • Work through feedback on first section of ‘Dead And Alive, Episode Two,’ fresh from the PWG
  • Work through the rest of ‘Episode Two’ in preparation for reading at PWG


I’m suitably distracted from ‘Walking The Razor’s Edge’. Haven’t thought about it all with all the work I’m doing on ‘Dead And Alive.’ And reading the start of ‘Episode Two’ on Saturday was very encouraging. One member in particular showed enthusiasm that had me skipping in my seat (thanks honey!), because she’s not too far off the mark with her thoughts on where this scene leads and the point of writing the characters in this very specific manner.

This makes me super-keen to keep reading at the group and super-keen to keep writing.

I know I shouldn’t have, but I outlined Season Two on Friday . . . I couldn’t stop myself! I know exactly how I want Season Two to start and end and I could start writing it now. Like . . . right now.

Raven might have something to say about that, however. It’s her turn with DSB right now.
So! . . . if any of you hear me talk about drafting Season Two of ‘Dead And Alive’ before Raven has finished her draft of ‘Slippers & Chains: Three,’ be sure to give me a nudge and a ‘what the hell?’ sort of look, okay?

But I can—and will!—talk about it. Lots.

In fact, a lot of my weekly evening updates will probably discuss progress with later episodes of Season One. As it stands, I could release these monthly rather than every two months. We’ll just have to see how the rest of my life goes before I commit to that. ^_^

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