It’s Mine! *angry face* – (& I Haz Planz 31/07)

angry smileyDo you ever get that feeling that people are trying to steal your shit? Not like your car or your jewellery, but the things that make you you? Those cool, unique things that once formed the basis of everything you knew about yourself?
I have.
It’s odd because by no means are these things mine but I once felt like they were. What do I mean? Writing of course. Fantasy (for Ileandra) and erotica for me.

I came out of my writing shell for the first time in 2010. Before that I’d never talked about writing in any sort of significant way. However in October 2010 Ileandra kicked off this blog and I joined her (properly, rather than lurking) last year. Between the pair of us we’ve been to cons and writing groups and spoken word events, more in the last four three years than we have done our entire lives. We are fully out of the closet.
Great right? Going out there and meeting others doing the same thing is part of doing what we do.

But wait… we? Does that mean there are other people out there doing the same stuff as me? People with the same hopes, dreams, problems and successes? More or less dependent on where they are on their personal journey? Bet your arse it does.

Most of the time this doesn’t bother me. It’s the way life works, right? There will always be someone out there who is better/faster/smarter/richer/better looking/slimmer than you. Someone with more skill or experience. I got used to that truth in secondary school when I spent most of my time pining for a boyfriend (ugh, I know…).

Pen2But writing? Writing was the one thing that I did. I was good at it. It was mine. It made me special.

But hundreds, thousands, nay- millions of people out there are doing exactly the same as me. Probably with the same thoughts about it.

Yesterday I checked out the #erotica tag on Twitter, just to see what was going on. There are sooooooooo many authors out there. Loads. I think, even though I kinda knew I couldn’t be the only one, seeing the amount of books on Amazon and Smashwords, chatting with people on Twitter, visiting peer blogs… all of this has given me a much clearer idea of what’s going on out there. How fierce it is. How totally not special I am.


Not that it’s a bad thing exactly. Every now and then folk needs a slap in the face to get the hell over themselves. After all, if you take yourself too seriously how the hell are you going to have any fun? But on the other hand… I miss feeling special.

Even close friends who (I thought) had no literary leanings talk about writing a book one day. I could write a whole series on the ‘oh, when I have time I’ll settle down and do some writing. Kinda like a hobby’ thing but I haven’t yet figured out a way to do it without getting insulted and unduly angry. So I won’t. But my thing, my special only-I-do-this-so-it’s-mine-thing, isn’t mine. I share it with a bunch of people. With you.

It’s taken me a while to realise but you know what? That’s not such a bad thing. You’re all pretty decent people and in truth it’s an honour to share anything with you.

/sappy shit

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

Hells bells, whistles, trumpets and confetti! This has been a GOOD week. I feel like I have some of my flow back and I can finally start checking things off my list. ^_^

Last Week
Let’s have a look at what I managed to achieve, eh?

~Finish deep edits on ‘Eric & Morgan.’
Done. Finito. Complete.
I’ve never been more glad to put down my green pen than I was at the end of that round of edits. I hate the fact that it took me so long, but it’s time to move on from that. I’ve done it now. The next step is to transpose my notes back into Scrivener and get on with the fine edits that inevitably must follow.

~Put the last set of freebies on the solo website and link in the domain names
Done except for the domain names. At this stage I need to save the money and focus on generating more so I can afford the extravagance of domain names. I know it’s not a vast amount but with Da Shared Brain‘s other work dried up for the time being, we have to be really (really!) careful with the pennies.
But! The site is ready to view so if you’d care to click here you can see the solo site as it stands for now during what I like to call my ‘pre launch period’. Let me know what you think, eh?

July 2014 Goal Recap
checking off feedbackStrictly speaking, since this post is still in July I can still write goals as if for July. However I’ve pretty much achieved what I wanted to achieve so there seems little point in lingering over it. Take a look at this:

~If necessary, chase up Breathless Press re submission of ‘Slippers & Chains’ and prepare for submission to the next small press
Done. I don’t need to move onto the next small press just yet. There are developments but I’d rather keep schtuum until I understand exactly where I stand. Just a few more days, folks, I hope. *fingers crossed*

~Finish deep edits on ‘Eric & Morgan’ and transfer back to Scrivener
Just a few more pages to transfer back to Scrivener at this point but I’ll get those done tonight, no worries there.

~Complete solo website
Done. See above. You can check out the pre-launch site here.

Not bad, right? Having purpose and direction is key to getting anything done. Now I know where I want to be, I’m finding it a hell of a lot easier to progress.

Goals For August 2014
Having all that done leaves me needing to figure out what comes next. Hmm….

  1. Outline the next ‘Slippers & Chains’ story and sketch out ideas for the two that follow
  2. Finalise release date for ‘Eric & Morgan’ and get file sent to editor
  3. Finalise artwork and design of ‘Eric & Morgan’ cover

Heh. Yeah. That should be plenty. Okay, in that case:

This Week
To achieve those things I need to do some hustling.

  1. Get in contact with my cover designer to discuss ideas for ‘Eric & Morgan’ cover
  2. Begin fine edits on ‘Eric & Morgan’. Complete at least 2,000 words.

Blimey. That should keep me busy. ^_^

As ever, I love to hear from you guys. I hope you’ll chip in and let me know how you’re getting on, here or on Twitter or on Facebook. Talking to you makes me smile (even if I no longer feel special!).

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Belated Edge-Lit 3 Roundup (& Mah Plans – 28/07)

Oops! Over a week since the event and I haven’t said a word about it yet. Ho hum, you know how it gets when you’re busy.
Edge-Lit 3, a fantastic event which took place at Derby Quad on July 19. It seems – to me – to have taken the place of Alt Fiction, but it is still the same incredible mix of spec fiction. You have horror, fantasy and sci-fi and all the wonderful bits in between.

Guests included Joe Abercrombie (wheee!), Kim Lakin-Smith, Rod Rees, Conrad Williams, Alex Davis, Charles Stross and Tricia Sullivan.

I had an AMAZING time! I forgot how much fun these events are and feel somewhat sad that Dave had to give me a series of gentle nudges to go (a bit like he did with the first Alt Fiction I attended, without which I would never have met Maria who introduced me to the Phoenix Writers).

The full list of events and panels is here (I hope I’m allowed to post this by the way, let me know, Alex) but I can talk to you in brief about the bits I attended.

In The Old Spirit – Ghost Stories Today

I’ve never been massively into ghost stories, though I have written a couple in my time. What was most interesting about this panel was hearing Andrew David Barker, Johnny Mains, Marie O’Regan and Niki Valentine chat about ghost stories (I’m sure I’ve cocked up here and left off a name… I’ll check it out). What stories mean to them and how they’ve changed over the years.
It also brought to my attention the Boo Books anthology call, which makes me think I should brush off the ghost story I wrote a little while ago and send it in. Worst they can say is ‘no thanks’, right?

Science Fiction: How Much Science Do You Need?

According to Jaine Fenn, Tricia Sullivan, Jon Courtenay Grimwood and Rod Rees, not all that much. Which is very comforting to me. Someone once told me that sci-fi is just like fantasy; substitute woods and cities for spaceships and planets, dragons for aliens and orcs for even more aliens and you’ve done it. Oh, and of course use lots of names with ‘x’ in them somewhere. o.O
While it’s advice one should obviously take with a heft spoonful of salt ;-) it’s nice to know that one doesn’t necessarily have to have a science background to write sci-fi. I have a degree in Geology, it’s a science degree, but if I want to talk about warp drives, worm holes and cyberware then I can do that if I want. So long as I put in a suitable amount of research. I think part of me knew that, but having it confirmed is really nice.

Tricia Sullivan – Walking The Walk: Keep Yourself Writing (Workshop)

I think I misunderstood what this workshop was about when I signed up for it. When I arrived and Tricia explained why we were there I realised that I don’t have a problem writing. If anything I have trouble stopping and there are times when my family (and the cleanliness of my house and my health) suffers for it.
Yes, I have trouble finishing things sometimes (lets not talk about WTRE right now) but by and large I have a good and regular turn out of words.
But I’m so, so glad I went. Listening to people talk about their problems and understanding that I’m not alone was incredibly valuable. And I’ve also put together an email list of some of the attendees of that workshop so we can chat together and support each other going forward. Probably the most valuable non valuable workshop I’ve ever attended. :) Besides that, Tricia might just be my new hero; totally down to earth, matter of fact and above all, genuinely keen to help other authors.

Simon Clark – Write For Life: Building A Writing Career (Workshop)

Another workshop I didn’t necessarily need. A lot of the tips Simon gave I have heard before (I should stop signing up for similar workshops every year!) but there is some detail in that I hadn’t considered before. Mainly about being ‘cheeky’ and pushing your luck. You never know what opportunities it might generate.

Fighting For Writers (Demo)

I had soooooooo much fun with these ladies. ^_^ Lots and lots (AND LOTS) of swords. I have tonnes of pictures but my favourite of the session has to be this one:

Picture of me holding a bastard sword

Soooo awesome!
(click for full size)

I fell in love with that sword and from a writer’s point of view, it was VERY helpful to learn more about European martial arts and the swords of weapons my characters in the Saar’s Legacy trilogy might be using as they step away from Ptolemaic Egypt.

So that was my (last-last) Saturday. I also won a couple of books at the raffle and got permission from Alex (THANK YOU!) to riffle through the goodie bags at the end and have myself a mighty handful of free books that I plan to enjoy over the coming months.

Jeez… that’s a lot of links! If you spot any that don’t work as they should or point to the wrong place would you mind letting me know? I haven’t had a cup of tea yet which means, despite my checking, I may have messed one up. Ta. xline break, swirling graphics, from openclipartSaying that, however, I’m not sure that I’ll have time to read many of those books going forward. I have a lot to be getting on with and not much time to do it.

Last week

I’m still in a funk with WTRE. I don’t know why, but my productivity has plummeted in that regard. If I had continued at the pace I started I would have finished this draft two weeks ago. :(

Work on WTRE: at least 1,000 words per working day (five days)
Actually, I should stop whining. I made my 5,000 words, which is all I wanted to do. But, in the back of my mind I remain aware that I used to do upwards of 15,000 words a week. *sigh* Cut yourself some slack, Illy!

Finalise the rest of the freebies for the solo site
Done! Now the last thing I need to do is decide on the theme and then get it moving. Once I have my colours sorted and the final layout I can make the site properly visible. I’ve already sent the URL to search engines to get it indexed (as I don’t know how long that will take overall) so this is the last step.

This Week

Heh, okay. Not so bad after all. See what I mean about Tricia’s workshop, though? I am writing, just not meeting my own ridiculous expectations of what I should/shouldn’t be able to do. Maybe I should enter a goal for something about that?
This week I want to:

  1. Work on WTRE: at least 1,000 words per working day (five days)
  2. Finalise layout and colour scheme for the solo site

Next week I’ll review July and look forward to what I plan to do in August. I’ll also be able to give you a bit of news about some of the new bits and bobs on my lists. *fingers crossed*
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Raven’s June Indie eBook Review: Coming Home

Cover art for Coming Home

M.A. Stacie

Author: M.A. Stacie
Title: Coming Home
Genre: Erotica / Ménage / Romance
ISBN: 9781310110252
Words: 26,000
‘Sydney Jamieson’s love for two men makes her avoid returning home whenever possible, but when her father needs help, she has little choice. Her feelings haven’t lessened, not even after painfully leaving one at the altar. Facing them, along with her fears, is easier than she anticipated, especially when both men make it clear they still want her–and they like to share.’

I’ve been doing this for half a year now and while I think my current system of scoring is okay it could be a great deal better. It doesn’t need much, just something small to show that my reviews are geared more to the eroticism of a piece rather than the fantasy element the way Ileandra’s are.
In light of that I’ll be adding a new category for these reviews going forward. There’s no point backtracking to do the others, mind you, so earlier reviews from this year will not include this scoring rank.

My new fireball ranking system will include: Cover, Story, Characters, Eroticism and Overall Experience. The new Eroticism tag will still be scored from one to five, like all the others and included in the final average at the end of the piece. I think that will stop what I’ve done previously, which is dock points in Character or Story to show how I feel about certain erotic/romantic aspects of the book. That should make the scoring even fairer.

Right. Let’s do this.

This was such a sweet book. It’s short length should have made it a very easy read, but Da Shared Brain has been very distracted by A Song of Ice and Fire. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great book (quite a bit of sex too!) but insofar as completing these reviews it’s putting me waaaaay behind. Oh well. I’m sure once that’s done I’ll have more time.


Two-Flame-RatingDidn’t say ‘erotica’ to me at all. Frankly put, the book is far more romantic than erotic (for me) anyway; it’s softer. But that may be down to the book being mis-categorised rather than anything else. And I see a lot of that, so I won’t dock any points for it.
The cover itself is cute and has of the sort of character Sydney is but the odd blurry circles and white square in the top left confuse me I’m afraid.


Simple coming-to-terms-with-what-you-want-and-need story. I actually really liked it. Sydney left home several years ago, leaving her fiancé at the altar without explaining to anybody what mad her panic was about. The story begins with her returning home because her old family home has burned down and she’s concerned for the welfare of her ageing father.
Cue Pax and Caleb, the two men she left behind when escaping home the first time. Men she cares for and desires in equal measure. However, it was Caleb she left at the altar.
Sydney now has to choose how to proceed. Can she pick one of these two men? Or both? And what do they have to say about it? What about the life she has built away from them in which she is a successful writer of erotic fiction featuring cowboys and (very) lucky women.
The novella had a distinctly romantic feel for me, which meant we were pretty much going to get a HEA ending. Or at least HFN. I read it as HFN which is fine, but for me, personally, it’s a shame that some of the mystery was taken out of the ending; of course she was going to end happy. Sydney is the heroine.
There are a few nice scenes in which your ability to guess how that happy ending might come is shaken up a bit. But, by and large, it’s an easy love story which serves as a bit of brain candy when you reach the sexier bits.


Three-Flame-RatingPax and Caleb were too similar. That’s what strikes me most. And while I appreciate they spent very many years together pining for Sydney, they seem a little to accepting of what is coming and of what she seems to expect of them.
I know I’m not a dude, but if I were, I imagine I might be slightly more possessive over a woman I’d been pining over for years.
Then again… ménage is a big market, I know that, and there are plenty of people out there who like that sort of thing. So what do I know?

I found Sydney a tiny bit wimpy and whiny for a heroine. She has these two GORGEOUS (of course) men, all over her and spends most of the novella panicking about who to go for and how. When it’s plain that they both want her and they’re fine with sharing. And no… that’s not a spoiler. The biggest problem for her seems to be her father but, really, how many women of her age really give so much over to their fathers? Unless, again, I’m missing a trick. It’s a good source of conflict for the character and it was written well enough to avoid being annoying, but I, personally, wanted Sydney to be a bit stronger about what she wanted, when she wanted it and how. Especially towards the middle of the novella when it becomes clearer that she can have exactly what she wants.


Five-Flame-RatingBags and bags and bags of it. ^_^ I was well pleased with what this novella had to offer and I didn’t find myself skipping over some of the descriptions as I have with other pieces of erotica. It was well written and imaginative and, despite being a ménage, managed to be clear at all times. And of course there were good, old fashioned one-on-one scenes which worked well too.
Even something as simple as an interrupted kiss or a lingering look was well crafted and I’m pleased to see it written so well.

More than that, Sydney insisted on the use of condoms. In fact, so did the men. There are multiple reasons for that, but writing it into the tale didn’t disrupt the flow at all and I’m thrilled to see due attention given to safety. That as much as everything else gives this piece full marks.

Overall experience:

Four-Flame-RatingThe occasional lull in the story avoided being too much because the piece was short enough for the pace to kick up again. Didn’t find any of those annoying, overused phrases that you sometimes do and as a whole, the whole story was written very well.

Final score:

Average across all scores is 3.5 which, of course, is 3.5 fireballs.
Yes, I think that’s about right. Yes it was an enjoyable read and yes it was light, but it lacked something to give it the final push to be a full on wow.
I’d certainly recommend it though, if you have some time spare and would like to read a FMM ménage story. Well worth a look.

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Blushing A Lil Bit – (& I Haz Planz 24/07)

Sometimes all you need to do is click into Amazon to feel a whoooooooole lot better about yourself. ^_^
What am I talking about?
Book reviews.

I don’t know why, but earlier in the week I just thought I’d check out how my reviews were doing. I don’t get notifications for them so, on a whim, I thought I’d have a look at what was happening across Amazon UK, Amazon CA and Amazon US gauge the lay of the land.
Since last time I checked there have been three reviews for ‘Vicki & Lara‘ on Amazon US. Two of them are 5*! I was so thrilled and buoyed up by it that I bought myself a little bottle of cider to celebrate.

Reviews for Vicki & Lara on Amazon US

These are they… just lifted from an Amazon screen dump.

When I first set out on this journey I never expected to make buckets of money. That’s a good thing too because my latest Amazon statement doesn’t give me much hope of being able to buy that house up the road any time soon. But I didn’t expect people to respond to the stories the way they have either.
Vicki’s story seems to touch people in a really deep way and while it does for me, I didn’t expect the same to happen to others too. So I’m glad that it has.

Thank you for reviewing me guys. It means a lot. Honest. *kisses*

More than that, this is a bit of a kick in the box to get the other three stories released. They’re all written; they just need a bit of polishing before going out to my editor. So really… what am I waiting for?

Well at the moment I’m waiting for the blush to subside. :p Then I’ll be rolling off to get some more work done on my Meeting Each Other series.
Oh! And speaking of work….

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipart

Da Shared Brain is clearly freaking out over WTRE. That shouldn’t have anything to do with me, but it clearly is affecting me (d’uh!) so I’ve not done as well as I was hoping this week.

Last Week
Hmm. Could have been better, but not as bad as I thought it would be given the absolute funk I was in at the start of the week.

~Complete at least 1,500 words of deep edits on ‘Eric & Morgan’
Yes! At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast! ^_^
Not more than that by any means but the story is moving again and I’m back in the right head space. This week I’m gonna slap that beast until it cries for mercy. I want it done!

~Prepare enquiry email for Breathless Press regarding ‘Slippers & Chains
Done and sent. Next week I’ll be able to tell you a bit more about what’s going on there but for now, just sit tight a little bit longer. I promise I’ll let you know what’s happening soon.
*pinkie swear*

~Choose another freebie for the solo site and get it ready to upload
Nope. No excuses I just forgot about this one. Since one of July’s goals is to get that website live I need to give some focus to this goal too.

This Week
This is the last week of July. If I want to hit all my goals for this month there are two main things I need to do. So that’s what I’m going to focus on this week.

  1. Finish deep edits on ‘Eric & Morgan.’
  2. Put the last set of freebies on the solo website and link in the domain name

Two simple, easy things to get done this week. Nothing taxing or requiring the carrying around of a giant laptop. I’ll leave that to Ileandra.

Wish me luck peeps!
Hopefully on the other side I’ll be able to tell you more about all sorts of bits and bobs, including how my submissions are getting on.

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Keeping Up Apperances (& Mah Plans – 21/07)

You might have noticed that every now and then my weekly goals include things like reading peer blogs. I do this because I’m uncomfortably aware that for each of you that comes to visit me here, you’re all as busy as I am. If not more so. You have things to do, stories to write, lives to lead and yet you still take time out of your day to visit me. And you comment.

That means the world to me and I’m touched that so many of you come back week after week, post after post to support me. It keeps me going.

I want to do the same for you.

This isn’t intended to be a grovelly post about how busy I am or how hard it is to keep up. No, no. Yes, those things are true, but this post is more to acknowledge that I’m aware of what you’re doing for me. And I’m grateful for it. Going forward, I’m going to make more of an effort to swing by your blogs and see you, even if that means cutting back on my posts (like this one) for a bit.

Writing is so solitary, I don’t want to back myself into a corner and do myself out of friends who ‘get it’ just because I ‘don’t have time’ to stop in and see them.

So please, if you notice I haven’t been around your blog for a while, feel free to call me out on it. I’ll look guilty and then run straight over to see how you’re doing.

That’s a promise.line break, swirling graphics, from openclipartAnd on that note, I suppose I should talk about goals.

Last week

Could have been far worse. In terms of draft productivity it wasn’t so great, but I got a hell of a lot of other stuff done. Let’s see:

Update the WTRE page of this blog to better reflect its current state.
Done. In truth, it didn’t mean much, but the excerpt there was mega-mega ooooooooooold. At least now it’s from the current draft and matches up with the existing sample of SORB.

Continue to write, on average, 1000 words per working day (this week that’s five days) on WTRE.
Only just. I think I nudged myself over the 5,000 mark while on the train back from Derby. Not great amazing, but it’s what I wanted to do. And it seems that I can’t manage my usual draft turnout when working on other things too. Who knew? I’m only human after all! :-p

Put together the last sections of this month’s newsletter and issue it to subscribers.
Done. My subscribers got their first freebie (woohoo!) and there will be more to come in upcoming months. Remember, if you want to get some of the free stuff (that probably won’t make it to this blog) you’ll need to sign up to the list. It’s only one email a month, on or around the 15th. When novels and short stories start to come out subscribers will get advanced reads, discount codes and other fun freebies. Join the fun; join the list!

Get at least one of my solo website freebies complete.
Done that too. It’s not one I was originally going to give away, but I feel this one is a better choice. So look forward to that when the site goes live.
I’ve also put together five others which are a combination of excerpts and opening chapters of novels and novellas. I’m really excited to share these with you and looking forward to the point that I hit ‘go’ on the site so you can see them.

This Week

Looking at what I hoped to achieve this month I guess there are two things I need to focus on:

  1. Work on WTRE: at least 1,000 words per working day (five days)
  2. Finalise the rest of the freebies for the solo site

Phew! That, with actually checking in on how you guys are getting on should be more than enough to keep me busy. Let’s see how I get on this week. :)

Laterz. x
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Ileandra’s July Indie eBook Review: Skin

Cover art for Skin by AJ Malone

A.J. Malone

Author: A.J. Malone
Title: Skin
Genre: Urban Suspensy-Thriller-Ish
ISBN: 9781311111043
Words: 69,000
‘Ordinary family guy and pacifist Dennis Small just wants a place for his family to grow up in peace. Drawn into a world of perverse crime, tattoo cults and unspeakable violence, he has to ask himself what will he do to save his family. Will he pay the ultimate price to keep his loved one’s safe? Sometimes you have to believe you can win, even when the whole world knows you can only lose.’

I’ve never read a book like this before. It’s a good thing. I’m learning, with each new book out there that there is lots of talent and thousands of different writing styles. This book is something new for me on all counts.


3.5 star ratingActually, I do like it. Very clean, very clear, though having read the book I don’t feel that the picture best hints at what lies within the pages. Looking at it, I think somewhat more about strip clubs. I wouldn’t be surprised if, somewhere through the rest of the series, strip clubs made and appearance, but that’s not what the tale is about. The cover image does show off a lot of skin, which I guess is good, but I will dock some points for the fact that it doesn’t seem to match up.


three starsThere’s a lot going on here. I found myself confused from time to time. Dennis Small is exactly what his name sounds like, a normal, small sort of man who likes things to be just so. He does what’s right as often as he can and is stuck in the middle of the road of his life. Everything about his life is mediocre. Oh, and he doesn’t like tattoos.
Things go to hell when 1) there are a series of violent murders on his estate and 2) when he finds out about his son’s borrowing from a dangerous loan shark.

Simultaneous to this we have Interpol agents coming to investigate and relatives of the first murder victim doing investigations of their own with the assistance of ‘magic’ tattoos. I put those quote marks in because I’m aware that I’m using the wrong word, but that’s the simplest way to describe it. I know nothing about the culture of tattoos or the religious/spiritual implications of certain types, inks, locations or whatever else. But there is a lot of that here and it adds interesting flavour to the piece.

Despite that flavour, I have to admit I got a little bit lost. Maybe I read it too fast, maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I couldn’t engage with the story as well as I wanted to and I think that’s in part because there were just too many viewpoints.


three starsSlightly too many for my personal tastes, making it hard for me to pin point specific things I like/dislike. I felt closest to Dennis, despite him being such a weak character (not in the writing, but in his personality). I find myself hoping he’ll grow into his role of protector of the family and figure out how to help them before he gets his legs broken.
Travis and Sammy felt a little overblown, though I understand the need for Sammy to be there. At this point in the series I’m not sure what Travis adds beyond another dimension into the investigation of the murders.
My favourite character has to be Theo Petrakis. His romantic life aside, I feel that he has the most going for him in terms of personality strength and drive. I want to see more of this chap.

Overall experience:

2.5 starsUnfortunately, despite the merits, I found this book very difficult to follow. And it’s not the multiple viewpoints, actually. Considering the fact that I’m also ploughing through A Story of Ice and Fire right now, that is really not an issue for me. No, the issue is that some of the story is in first person, the rest in third and there isn’t enough to get me close to one character. I have no idea who I should be rooting for because I don’t quite spend enough time with any character.

But that’s just me. I’m sure there are folk who would get more into the tattoo aspect of the story who would appreciate the different parts of the story. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

Final score:

three starsAverage across all scores comes to 3.00 stars.
A nice clear average there.

I think if there was more of the investigative side, or even more of Dennis I would have enjoyed the story more. Unfortunately the flitting from one part to another just didn’t do it for me.

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Erotic Movies – (& I Haz Planz 17/07)

The line between erotic films and porn is so fine. I’ve talked about it often enough, but I thought I should look a bit more into what other people think.

What is it that makes a film erotic, rather than pornographic? The way sex scenes are treated? The presence of a plot outside the gratuitous sex? Is the sex closed door?

There are lots of different things that may cause a person to label this as erotic and that as porn but one website in particular gave a top ten list of their ‘erotic films.’ I haven’t seen all the films within the list, but the ones I have seen do have a level of eroticism even for me.

This is a great film. Fun, light-hearted BDSM and it stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, along with James Spader. What’s not to like? Given the subject matter the film is, by it’s nature, erotic. Even if BDSM ain’t your bag (baby) there’s still plenty here to excite. So yes, I would agree, this is an erotic film.

Black Swan
I saw this at the cinema when I first released and pretty much would have turned right back around and watched it again. The dance, the make up, the story, all of it was beautiful. It wasn’t until I watched it the second time that I remembered the delicious scene between Nina and Lily (or Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis). The rest of the film does give great weight to Nina’s sexual awakening, as well as what’s going on within the show she’s training for (in fact, it’s all linked) so, again, I agree. Oh, and anybody who says ballet isn’t sexy, has been watching the wrong stuff!

Basic Instinct
When people talk about this film, they tend to lead on that one leg-crossing scene. As if that makes the whole movie. It doesn’t, of course, but it does give the film an edge it might not otherwise have had. Sharon Stone is sexy as hell anyway, and she plays a woman more than happy to use her feminine powers of seduction to save her skinny arse. Yes, again, quite erotic if you ask me.

But there must be more than this. I’m having trouble coming up with more films that fit the bill, but I’d love to know what you think. What would you class as an erotic film? Do you disagree with any of the three I’ve mentioned? What things make you consider one film erotic over another? Join the discussion people!

line break, swirling graphics, from openclipartLast week I left off the goals because I knew full well I’d get crap all done. As well I did because I think I’m still struggling with the set of targets I set myself the week before. Let’s see.

Two Weeks Ago

~Keep email checks down to twice a day only.
Mostly. Kinda. Three times a day. It’s been three. That, is probably as good as it’s going to get.

~Complete at least 1,500 words of deep edits on ‘Eric & Morgan’.
Damnit! -_- Maybe it’s just this story; maybe I’m just not feeling it as much as the others. Oh well… try again.

~Make the changes I want to make on my ‘Meeting Master’ short story and prepare it for download.
Done. In fact, I sent my newsletter on Tuesday so subscribers are already enjoying that freebie. Remember, if you want to get nice things (for freeeeeeeeee!) then join the mailing list to get my monthly newsletter.

This Week

  1. Complete at least 1,500 words of deep edits on ‘Eric & Morgan’
  2. Prepare enquiry email for Breathless Press regarding ‘Slippers & Chains’
  3. Choose another freebie for the solo site and get it ready to upload

I must give priority to ‘Eric & Morgan’ this week. I’ll never finish the Meeting Each Other series if I don’t get on with it and there really isn’t that much to get done. Time to pull my finger out.

Until next week I’ll leave it there and say, catch you next time!

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