RS: I Haz Planz 18/12

goal shooting goals from open clip artNearly there. Nearly the ‘break’ that everyone is plugging to reach. A chance to eat too much food, drink too much booze and tell daft jokes. Of course I’m talking about the weekend. :p

Last Week
~Finish deep edits on ‘Malcolm’
Done! Haha! Last few pages complete with The Sprogs screaming in my ear, but all done.

~Ensure newsletter is sent. Remember, if you want to hear the latest news on both Slippers & Chains and the Meeting Each Other series, be sure to sign up before December 12 (I know it’s early this month but I have a LOT to share before the Christmas break)!
It went out three days late, but on time by my usual standards (it’s supposed to be 15 of each month) so that’s pretty good.

~Write script for ‘Slippers & Chains: Sugar Dust’ book trailer
Done! It’s only short. When I read it myself it comes out at 90 seconds tops, but it shouldn’t be more than that. I only want a teaser. Now… to get it filmed and recorded (by a voice other than mine! I could do it… but I don’t think I should, y’know?).

This Week

  1. Let ‘Malcolm’ rest before even thinking of editing
  2. Start to gather together all Meeting Each Other stories for bumper edition with all six stories in it.
  3. Think about next independent publishing project for when Meeting Each Other is complete.
  4. Enjoy Christmas.

Now… I hate Christmas. It’s so commercial and annoying, but this year I’ll be with family and friends and that’s what it’s really all about. So… hopefully I’ll have more fun this year than previous ones. Woop!

If I don’t catch you before then, have a Merry Christmas yourself. ^_^

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RS: New Release: Simone & Mr Bradford

‘Surprise and Merry Christmas!’ ^_^

Yes. I thought about waiting a little longer before telling you about this and releasing the story, but why? Why do such a crazy, crazy thing?

So…. I use this post to announce the upcoming release of the fifth and penulitmate story in the Meeting Each Other series: Simone & Mr Bradford.

Here is the blurb:

Doubting oneself is a part of life but Simone isn’t used to feeling unattractive. Back at work after the weekend’s unsuccessful attempts to pull, Simone looks for ways to give vent to her sexual frustrations and remind herself that she is attractive enough to fuck.
Enter Mr Amos Bradford: MD and resident miserable bastard.
Caught out in the stationery cupboard, Simone now has the chance to kill two birds with one stone, an opportunity for which she is grateful, except for three minor details. Mr Bradford is her boss. Mr Bradford is married. And Mr Bradford is (much) older than her usual conquests…

Here is the super smexxy cover:

Simone & Mr Bradford Cover

And hereeeeeeeeeeeeeere is an excerpt:

‘Tell Dianne I’ll call her back later.’ Bradford bent to retrieve his pen. He seemed not to notice the tension in the room as he beckoned Simone closer.

She hurried around the desk, as if placing a physical object between herself and the other woman might prevent further embarrassment.

The moment she stood still, a firm hand grasped the back of her knee and slid up beneath her skirt.

Simone froze. She glanced down but Bradford’s eyes were focused on his secretary, his smile steady and innocent.

He’s touching me. Fuck, he’s totally copping a feel.

‘Anything else, Mel? I’m busy.’

His hand teased higher, one finger tracing lazy spirals on the back of her thigh. Higher.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

‘No, I’ve got it. Thanks, Amos.’ Mel gave him a lingering look before leaving. The door clicked shut.

Simone remained frozen. Her skin tingled beneath Bradford’s confident, roaming hand which now switched back and forth between her trembling thighs.

‘Sir . . . ?’


‘Your hand—’

He cut her off by squeezing the flesh beneath the line of her damp knickers. ‘You did great work with that customer, Miss Daye. Simone.’ His fingernails scraped her sensitive skin.

She shuddered and locked her knees. ‘Thanks.’

‘Our figures would be even worse if we had to fork out £20,000 on top of the other issues. You’ve saved us a lot of money.’

‘Just doing my job.’ Her words rasped over a tongue as dry as paper. She licked her lips. It didn’t help. Her mind, her attention, everything focused on the teasing tickle of his finger. Warm. Smooth. Firm. Most of all, confident, as if she were a car or golf club he considered buying.

‘Good.’ His fingers touched her knickers and stopped. He stroked the gusset then pressed inward. Her damp slit parted easily to let his finger through, grinding the fabric against her most delicate areas.

Sweet Jesus that feels good.

As if sensing her thoughts he smiled. ‘What happened here?’

She couldn’t think straight. His finger worked a familiar, dangerous magic, switching between soft and firm pressure.

‘I spilt some coffee.’

Woooo! The book is available for pre-order now in preparation for release on 22 December 2014. As ever you can get it on Amazon UK, Amazon US (or your usual Amazon store) and Smashwords.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This is my favourite of the series so far. Next month I’ll talk more about what I’m planning to do following the end of the series; as there is only one more story to go. Woooo-bi-hoooo!

Next week, back to my usual programming. ;-)

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IY: Mah Plans – 15/12

goal shooting goals from open clip artHad my mum other for the weekend. That was lovely. Made me realise just how difficult a week is when I don’t have much company. I almost feel ready to start the week again and get on with some more work.

Last week

I feel like I’ve had a week off. I’ve got stuff done, but not much and I’ve been distracted by reading things I wasn’t really scheduled to read.

Edit/proof the stories I have from Fab Fables writers and ensure they are ready for publication on Caladria’s system (x3 so far).
Yup. Done. Now in discussions with the authors in questions to get the last few creases ironed out. I’m expecting the rest to show up today as this is the deadline. There will probably be some late ones too, but so far it looks like quite a few have arrived.

Outline my second Fab Fables story and begin drafting
No. I looked at the two I have available for me and I couldn’t figure out the timings :( Then I had a load of computer issues and blah, blah, blah, excuses. So no… didn’t get this done.

Complete prep for first episode of Joined Up Writing
Yep. If you’ve not heard it yet and would like to, be sure to have a look at this morning’s post. :)

This Week

  1. Chase up any Caladria tales that we don’t have yet
  2. Edit/proof (in dialogue with the authors) the stories that I do have. Complete at least three.
  3. Try again to outline and begin draft of second Fab Fables story
  4. Edit first Fab Fables story using completed set of critique from Phoenix Writers
  5. Ensure my newsletter is sent out in good time – if you want access to the fantasy piece I’m writing just for subscribers, be sure to sign up!

All done. Getting as much of this stuff done before Christmas can only be a good thing. Christmas. o.O That’s next week, right?

How does it always manage to sneak up on me?

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IY: Episode One Is Here! @JUPodcast

The Joined Up Writing Podcast Is On!joined up writing podcast banner

Woo! So exciting and a complete novelty, here is the Joined Up Writing Podcast: Episode one!

Join Da Shared Brain and Wayne Kelly as they discuss the first topic: critique groups.

You may know that Da Shared Brain is a member of the Phoenix Writers, well this is how she and Wayne met. From There they talk about- well I don’t want to spoil the episode by talking about it all here. So you’d better go and listen to it hadn’t you? :p


Beyond that all that remains to say is that this show, as well as being DSB and Wayne chatting about ‘all things writerly‘ it’s a chance for you to get involved too. They want to hear what you have to say on the current topic and anything else you want to chat about.

And you can do that using any of these methods:

Our Twitter: @JUPodcast
Our Facebook: JUWriP Facebook
Our Blog: The Joined Up Writing Podcast
Wayne’s Blog: Kelly’s Eye
This Blog: You’re already here!

Hope you enjoy the episode guys, and I’m looking forward to chatting back with you.

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RS: Learning From Editing pt6 – Waiting Is An Art Form

‘And A Fine Art It Is Too!’

Reaching this point must have involved a hell of a lot of waiting.
Waiting for beta readers to come back you.
Waiting for responses to your initial submission.Sleeping blue star from Wikimedia Commons; LadyofHats
Waiting for responses following your positive response to the offer to take on your book.
Waiting for counter signatures on your contract.
Waiting for your editor to get in contact.
Waiting between emails from your editor.
Waiting for information from the marketing team.
Waiting for a publication date.
Lots and lots (and lots) of waiting. And this isn’t even the end of it. By the time you get to this point and you realise that you have a release date, that you have an amazing cover, that you have the final copy of the manuscript on your computer, you release that there’s another thing you need to wait for.


Not to say that anyone should just sit back on their rump and wait for sales. You won’t get any that way. After all, who is going to know about your book if you don’t tell them about it? But… you can do all the marketing in the world and still need to wait.

why nobody buy my book meme

Created on

Nothing about what we do as writers is instantaneous. There’s no magic. There’s certainly no thing as overnight success (but that’s a post for another time). There is lots of work and then lots of waiting.

There really isn’t too much more for me to add than that. Whatever stage of your writing career you’re at, you’ll know about this.

Waiting is just something you have to learn how to do. And lots of it.

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RS: I Haz Planz 11/12

goal shooting goals from open clip artWhat a week! Full of stuffs and editing for both me and Ileandra. My purple pen is giving out (and so is her green one)! It feels good to be ‘back in the groove’ though I’m already missing the buzz of just writing. You know that buzz? The first draft buzz? Only 11 days after NaNoWriMo and I’m already wanting more. *sigh*

Last Week
~Print ‘Malcolm’ ready for quick-read and deep edits
Done – somehow I’d already done it! So I’ve started deep edits.

~Set up background for ‘Simone & Mr Bradford’ release by prepping Amazon pages
Sorted. The pages are all prepped now, I just need to hit the last button. My cover is in place, the file is in place. I’ve even put together the gubbins I needed for Smashwords. ^_^ Boo-yaaah!

~Chat with The Funk Master about video trailer options for ‘Slippers & Chains: Sugar Dust’
Done. I know what I want to do now. All that remains is to write the script, find a voice over artist (or read it myself o.O) and get it filmed. Easy, right?

This Week

  1. Finish deep edits on ‘Malcolm’
  2. Ensure newsletter is sent. Remember, if you want to hear the latest news on both Slippers & Chains and the Meeting Each Other series, be sure to sign up before December 12 (I know it’s early this month but I have a LOT to share before the Christmas break)!
  3. Write script for ‘Slippers & Chains: Sugar Dust’ book trailer

Aaaah. Just rounding off the end of the year now. It feels good. Kinda like putting a little circle of chocolate on top of a perfectly iced cake… then eating it!

In fact… I’m gonna go bake me some biscuits. ;-) Laterz!

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RS: Learning From Editing pt5 – Repetition

‘To Read and Read Again!’

Repetition. *sigh* And I’m not just talking about removing crutch words from your prose or just picking out sentences that use a similar, repetitive structure. I‘m mean going over a manuscript again and again and again to find the sentences that cluck clunk, to correct spelling and ensure you’re saying you’ve said exactly what you meant to say.

I’m talking about thinking that you’ve done with it all you’re finished when in truth you’ve only just begun.

I’m not going to strike through the whole of this post with my corrections – there’s no need for you to see those – but do you get where I’m coming from?

I sent Breathless Press the most complete manuscript I could. It had been through four beta readers, had rigorous edits before and after and I was sick of it. When Jenn got in contact about the editing process we would follow, she said we’d see perhaps four passes of content edits on the manuscript. Then it would go to line edits.

-_- Read that line again.

Four passes of the manuscript before going to line edits, meaning possibly another one or two read-throughs after that.

one more read through meme

Created on

I wasn’t ready for that. Not by a long way.

I knew there would be some work to do – there always is – but that many? But I’ll tell you what: each time I went through that manuscript with notes and things to look for, I found things to change. Sentences to tweak. An opportunity to take a dive into deep POV. Spell errors. Grammatical fuck ups.

Even now I know that I could look at that document again and want to change things. I’m scared to look at it for fear I find something else that needs to be tweaked or swapped or deleted. My brain is so raw from reading that text that there are sections I can recite from the top of my head.

But did the manuscript benefit from it?  You damn well bet it did. ^_^

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